Weekend Reads #70: The Best of 2016.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another round of Weekend Reads! Only this time, instead of bombing you with new stuff you'll be too busy to read (hey, no judging! It's New Year's after all), I decided to remind you of the best things you could have read on Wandering Polka Dot so far on weekends. So without further ado, let's roll!

How to spot a feminist. Also, steps to take towards actual gender equality. And while we're at it: this, too, is women's work. Let's not forget the illustrations that show what women really do when they're alone. Bonus: 25 women talk about best advice they have ever given or received.

Think you need some motivation to do the work? Maybe what you need is actually discipline. But don't walk into the trap of doing everything the way somebody on the Internet says they do. I'd advise, though, to take a look at what this guy does every morning. (Really!) And don't forget to sleep!

The joy of monotasking.

Why we should never only adhere to a single story. This, though, is why you're not a storyteller no matter what you do—unless you really write stories.

Stories: when we discovered our parents were Russian spies.

A photography collection: kisses.

For those who graduate soon: just be patient. But for those who also wish for a change: quitting your career to pursue your passion is bullshit.

We listened to an interesting perspective about atheism, and learned that everything we know about addiction is wrong.

Money talk: creative ways to save money, an important story of a fuck-off fund, and how to be a socially responsible shopper.

Love: long distance relationships and how to survive them; when love is not enough, and when you think you've found the one: how do you know?

For better social skills, scientists recommend a little Chekhov. For seeing your friends more, how to host a crappy dinner. Also important: the art of unfollowing.

Interesting: 5 languages that could change how you see the world. Especially one of them (this one's the best!)

For New Year's resolutions: how to read a hundred books a year.

Bonus, and worth remembering: people you should aim to impress.

Happy reading, but most of all, happy New Year, people! See you on the other side!

Love, Tihana

Photo: Unsplash

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