Wandering Polka Dot started out as a way to journal my life abroad and my travels back in 2013. After realizing I’d picked a few tricks on traveling on the way, I wanted to share them and help you see the world, or at least bits of it. Around the same time, I started writing for several magazines and discovered I really enjoy lifestyle items, so this blog o’ mine became a hodge-podge of all things that might appeal to you, if

*you love to travel (who doesn’t, right?!)
*you travel less than you’d want and want to change that
*you want not only to see places, but understand them
*you’re looking for inspiration or fun things to read (then stop by on Fridays!)
*you’re an expat. Or considering being one. Or not. All is fine,
*and overall, you’re a positive gal/guy who chooses to see the bright side.

So who is the person behind the Wandering Polka Dot? 

Tihana is a girl in her mid-twenties (even though she belongs to the late-twenties group more, willing or not to admit it; she also doesn’t like writing about herself in the third person, so here we go). I’m a linguist and a master’s student of neurolinguistics, a super cool program that allowed me to live and study in three European countries. (I’m originally from Serbia!) I’m a writer and a coffee addict. Other things I get excited about include (but are not limited to) nail polish, tea, music, Harry Potter, Grey’s Anatomy, feminism, polka dots (hence the name), ice-cream, raspberries, pizza, OK, you get it, I’m a foodie.

I try to believe life is what you make it, so I’m also trying to make a good one. Will you join me? :)

I’m so grateful you’re here of all places, and I hope you’ll stick around. Also, make sure to drop me a line or two, I really love your comments! :) And if you feel like it, you can follow me on Instagram / follow me on Twitter / follow this blog on Bloglovin / like the blog page on Facebook.

Have a great day, friend! 

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