Weekend Reads #59

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hey guys, I hope you're having a good weekend! I also want to ask you something. Today is basically second-to-last day of my fundraising for my upcoming travel to the USA, to attend the Merit360 program. I'm so far away from my fundraising goal that I honestly have no idea if I'll actually travel or not. And I want need to so much! It's a great program and I really expect to do something great as a journalist/blogger there, covering the program, especially the Gender Equality team! So, if you ever laughed at my Weekend Reads links, if you found them interesting, thought provoking, if you ever looked at my travel photos and stories and felt inspired to book your next trip, please consider donating. I assure you no amount is too small. Here's my fundraising page, and here's the blog post explaining the whole thing. Thank you! 

Six Months Later—Where I Am With My New Year's Resolutions

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hello there! While everyone else does their designated check-ins and weekly and monthly reviews and what not either on the last day of the week/month or the day after, well, it seems running late can be my charming feature. Not that charming? Oh, okay. I thought…

Well, July 1st or 27th, I guess the story is the same. Did I enjoy the second quarter of the year? I hated it. I hated it so much and I still hate the thought of it. Six months ago I wrote here this “might be the greatest year of my life if I make it so”. Well, that was optimistic. Six months later my life is falling apart and I’m this little fella. But hey, if I’m able to crack a joke or two or write about it and not sobbing at the thought of EVERYTHING… I guess I’m fine. (Though I am sobbing quite often. Yeah, I was always that girl.)

Weekend Reads #58

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hi there! If anyone noticed I hadn't posted WeekendReads last week, that's because I was in Azerbaijan, obviously, and even though I had brought my laptop along, I rarely had the time to look at it, if we count out the time spent getting ready in the evenings when we would play a song or two on YouTube—but not more, because, well, lack of time. The schedule was so busy it reminded me of similar programs I attended in high school, which is, truth be told, ages ago. I was constantly tired and felt like an old grandma for going to bed at 2 AM every night, when people were basically starting to have fun. Well, the people were also younger than me and if it's not scientifically proven you can stay up longer without any consequences when you're young, it should be. Aaanyway, post(s?) on Azerbaijan coming some time soon, and in the meantime, here's what you can do today.

Weekend Reads #57

Friday, July 8, 2016

Hello hello, and happy Friday! Counting down until the weekend? Having any exciting plans in store? I'm traveling tomorrow—I'm flying to Azerbaijan! I know it sounds super random, but actually it's something I've been waiting for quite some time. Here's the post explaining in detail why I'm going, if you'd like to know. If you have some recommendations in Baku, please do let me know! You can comment here or tweet me @wanderpolkadot. And now, let's dive deep in the links I prepared for you. 

Weekend Reads #56

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello there! It's really hard to write a meaningful intro in this heat, plus I've been so tired lately and I have no idea why. Could be the weather. I wake up tired and I drag myself through the day because, well, it's not like I have options. So, without further ado, here are the links I found interesting last week and hope you will too.

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