What to See and Do in Pecs, Hungary

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hometown friends are a special sort – you know, those who’ve known you for a lifetime and with whom you share tons of adventures growing up? Yes, I have those too. But the funny thing is that I met two of my 'hometown friends' on a night prior to my moving abroad two years ago. Yes, I’ve known them before because it’s a type of town where everybody knows of everybody, but this was the first time I was actually introduced to them and we spent the evening together. Best way to wrap up a life phase. 

This past spring I came home just in time to be asked if I’d join them on a road trip to a nearby town in Hungary. The two of them + one girlfriend + another friend had already planned it and they had an extra seat in the car. Why, sure! Especially because I’d never actually been to Hungary before, even though my hometown is really close to the border. (If we rule out the occasional landings and departures from the Budapest airport, that is, and we do because I say so.) So yes, a short one-day trip to a random town called Pecs was definitely something I was in the mood for.

Weekend Reads #38

Friday, December 11, 2015

OK, I'm quite sure you haven't even noticed I was gone for a while, but I must say I missed my little online place. I'm so inconsistent! I even promised to myself I would blog regularly this year, and then just out of the blue too many things appear that need to be done, or I just end up in a cocoon made of my blankets because my head is blank, or a combination of the two. But few days ago my brain started working so hard I could almost hear it twist and twirl. It was crazy. Most people find winter depressing or at least experience a lack of creative juices flowing, but this year it's the opposite for me. I have so many ideas it's hard not to do all. at. once. (And of course, it's physically impossible.) Well, at least it feels good. But I won't bother you about my state just yet -- maybe we'll get there in a couple of weeks, if I feel like it. For now, here are the links. I hope you enjoy your weekend, friends!!

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