Weekend Reads #102

Friday, September 20, 2019

Hi there, I'm back from Rome! What a short and sweet trip. Some of you might have seen Stories on my Instagram, and for the rest, I might come up with a similarly short and sweet blog post, though only after I finish another one that's been in making... (too many chores, too little time!) In the meantime, please check the links below, I hope you'll find some of them interesting. Have a great weekend! 

Weekend Reads #101

Friday, September 13, 2019

I thought I would publish this one yesterday because I'm going on a vacation in two hours aaaah! But here I am still in my apartment, I pushed for a later bus that won't compromise our flight anyway, maybe lunch, but that's about it :) I'm flying to Rome tonight, and if you were around five years ago when I went for the first time, you might remember my awe. I cannot believe it's been five years since I first visited the most beautiful city in the world that also prompted me to set a goal of living there sometime before my 30th birthday. I guess that was the time I thought life ends after your 30th! Honestly, I wouldn't have minded trading a year in New Zealand for three months in Rome, though it would make going to Australia a bit more difficult. Anyway, I'm super excited, last time I was just as excited because I didn't know what to expect, this time I know that the beauty in the Apennine Peninsula is awaiting me, and I am over the moon. This is also one of the several examples of me going somewhere I have been before instead of discovering something new because I just love it so much! (Others would include London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Oz.) My Italian is rusty but I know just enough to indulge in a long weekend of pasta, gelato, and sightseeing! See you next week!

Weekend Reads #100

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Oh wow. One hundred. A first-time reader would think I have been doing it for a little less than two years. The truth is, however, that my first Weekend Reads aired sometime in October 2014. That's ages ago! Yes, I know that maybe I should have been more consistent, but I know you forgive me because you know what it's like when life happens. And by the way, you're great. I might have stopped sharing links if people weren't super receptive. You like my Internet finds, and I love that! I love you, really. You might be few but you're great. And I'll leave you with the links now... 

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