Weekend Reads #2

Friday, November 7, 2014

Looking forward to seeing this for myself later today!
Hello friends,

Another weekend is just around the corner! I woke up at 6:45 without the alarm - that's close to a miracle - and now I'm sipping on my coffee, after I'd had my breakfast. Which I made last night. (Overnight oats - to make sure I have my oats even if there's a chance I'd be lazy to make an oatmeal.) I don't know who I am and what happened to... well, me, but I like it. I am by no means a morning person, but I really, really like it when I'm able to take it easy - instead of running around all panicky because I don't know what to wear, and the class starts in less than half an hour. No fun.

Anyway, I'm going to Amsterdam this afternoon! And I'm super excited, I've never been there before. My best friend from my hometown moved there in 2005 and has been inviting me to visit ever since, but I never had both the money and the time. So after nine years, I'll finally see him in a place other than our town!!

What are your plans for the weekend? For the second time, I'm delivering some awesome places in the cyberspace for you to check out. Have fun!

Bookmark, underline, bold, INCORPORATE in your life. Oh, I'm just talking to myself, sorry. 6 things the most organized people do - do you agree with me that the age of 26 is high time someone became more organized? Yeah, I know.

I love this tumblr! Bianca Luini, a fashion design graduate from Milan, matches fashion photos with photos she finds related. Is an Oscar de la Renta dress inspired by a painting of the sea, or a Jil Sander dress by a jellyfish? Probably not, but the similarity is undeniable. And beautiful!

If you (try to) eat healthy, but even if you don't, you probably think "oh, one hamburger won't do no harm". Well, one won't, but have you ever wondered how much REAL food could you have instead? Here's a comparison of what 200 calories look like in fruits and veggies vs. junk food. And while you're at it, check out the ways to feel more energized throughout the day. We all need this!

33 weird thoughts every woman starts to have in her mid-twenties. Well, not EVERY woman, and not every one of these thoughts, but, ummm, take number 26 for example... I do have a pale pink dress with a price tag in my closet, I had to jump at the occasion, it was on sale, and well, some of my friends will get married... eventually. Plus, number 10 is just so funny. Cause it's true.

If you've ever had any form of a statistics course, then you know you shouldn't claim there is a causation when there is correlation. Ok, got it. But, you know, it does tell you something... except when it's so hilarious. Like these.

If you're a sucker for beautiful photos like I am, then you'll love these free high-resolution photos. You're welcome.

A dating tip from the sister of the blogger Joanna Goddard. So simple and true - it all comes down to this. The sooner you realize, the better! Go girl! (Or a guy.)

The loveliest video I saw in the past week! Kids and adults were asked what they would change about their body if they could. I must admit I didn't expect this outcome. Beautiful!

And the most beautiful piece I have recently read - why growing up abroad is ruining the author's daughter's life. If you have any doubts about raising your kid away from home, this is a must read. Home is where your heart is anyway, right? :)

Ways to have an awesome day. Isn't Melyssa just the sweetest?

Have a great weekend, everybody!

P.S. I usually try to share nice and fun things, but I think Brittany Maynard deserves to be mentioned here. Read about this brave young woman who passed away way too soon. Rest in peace, Brittany.

P.P.S. I'll try my best, but I don't promise to deliver more posts on Italy soon. You should see my next week's agenda! And the week after that. And after that. Anyway, if you haven't, check out my impressions of Naples (pizzaaa! Is this post a month old already?! Jesus, time flies!), my Florence guide, things to do in Venice and a Venice photo diary. I also made a break from Italy and took you to Rostock in Germany

Love, Tihana


  1. Great collection of beautiful and useful stuff! :D Thanks! <3

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I'm glad that you liked these! :)

  2. Hey, I was in Amsterdam recently. How fun would it be to meet up! Next time then :)

    1. Yes, I saw that on your blog and I was like... wow! She came all the way from Indonesia, we should have! But I saw it only after you'd come back home. Next time definitely, either when you're in Europe or me in SE Asia! :)


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