How To Save Money While Traveling: Case Study—Italy

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It sucks running what used to be a travel blog when you're not traveling. I told you guys a few months ago the blog would take a slight turn towards some other topics as well, but I bumped into life and unfortunately wasn't able to update it as much as I would. But I was doing some cleaning the other day and found an almost two-year-old post-it with the cost breakdown of my Italy travels. I didn't want to toss it, but to write a blog post that might be useful to someone. Almost two years ago I wrote one of my most popular posts ever—How To Travel On A Budget—but I get it's one thing to offer general advice, but it's totally another to actually show someone how you really did it on a trip. So, here goes!

Weekend Reads #52

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hello there, and I hope you're well and healthy! I spent three days in bed and it was a great reminder to take better care of myself. Which I usually do, but my newly established schedule was all like "hello and here's a greeting from hell, let's see if you can keep up with me". Well, obviously I have to try harder. So, here's a quick go-to list for both you and me: 1. go to the gym (or do any other form of exercise), 2. drink plenty of water, 3. eat home-cooked meals, yes, Tihana, I'm talking to you, 4. have enough sleep, 5. don't hate your circumstances even when you think you couldn't possibly feel anything else. Bonus tip: spend time outside. I never manage to. I hope I will. Anyway, here are some links for you to check out...

Weekend Reads #51

Saturday, May 14, 2016

First (kind of) work week done. Me: super tired but super proud of myself. I think "enchanted" was the word my boss for the time being used on Day 1 (OK haha it's not that I think so, she did literally say she was enchanted with me). But apart from that I've been spending my free time working at home (yes, feel free to pity me); it's a copyediting gig that's taking my eyes and soul. I haven't had a proper social outing in what seems to be years, though it's only been weeks. ONLY?! Am I listening to myself? There are literally dozens of people in this city I want to see, but I don't have time. I've written pieces on time management, I've read even more, but here I am, feeling like this dog. I don't even know how I managed to write this post. It's only six of the links this time—SORRY—but still: where did I get them? When? How? I don't remember. Must have been taking a five-minute break from work. Anyway, enjoy!

Weekend Reads #50

Saturday, May 7, 2016

You might remember that last week I told you I was traveling to my parents' for the weekend. Actually it was a week, and it can be described in a few words. Manual labor and lots of food. I went to bed yesterday evening with a feeling my belly was stuffed with pounds and pounds of solid rock. But here I am back in Belgrade and getting ready to hit the gym. OK, tomorrow. I'm still chilling today. Kind of like food jet lag. Anyway, here are some cool links from around the web! Enjoy the weekend!

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