New Year's Resolutions: Chapter 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

The post-NYE days are slow and so am I. Also, living alone means there's no heaps of food so I'm missing out on the magic—BUT only for a couple more days, as I'm going home for Christmas. (We celebrate it two weeks later.) Food and family, yay! I might have just reached that age where that's enough for happiness. However, I won't let myself be super lazy, and when I'm lazy, I'll make sure I at least read or watch something. So, here are my New Year's resolutions for 2k17. (Also: check out this post where I stated some of the NY resolutions you might borrow. You'll see I did too. 😊)

Be more dedicated to my gym practice than I am now
Meaning: MAKE time for it, schedule it, not flunk, act as if it's an appointment. Because it is. With my better future self, who's stronger and healthier than I am today.

Walk more on days I don't go to the gym
I'd go big and say "run" instead, but one step at a time. I usually feel lazy for anything—walking will do. Plus, I certainly cannot promise to myself I'd be running in this crazy weather.

Not grabbing my phone first thing in the morning and last thing before bed
No big meaningful reason behind this: I just often end up in the realms of Instagram I didn't even know existed; I'd prefer taking some time to read a book instead, just like I'd love to wake up and greet the day ahead of me (yes I know how this sounds) before I am buried in a pile of notifications.

On the same page: get up at reasonable hour and set up a morning routine
I am a woman of the routine and I am not ashamed of it.

Same goes for the evening routine

Declutter, declutter, declutter
I have so much in my mind when it comes to decluttering. Since I have a big move overseas in my plans for this year, I want to streamline my closet to the things I really wear, and sell / donate / toss all the rest. I also want to get rid of some books I will never need again but someone else might.

Declutter my digital life
One of the main aspects of decluttering I need to do. I have so many bookmarks! (Probably a lot more than you can imagine.) I don't know when it happened, but it did: at some point I just started bookmarking EVERYTHING that seemed even remotely interesting. I deleted a bunch earlier this year, but I still have loads of things I think are or might be useful. OK, honestly, if I were to—God forbid—lose access to all of them, at first I'd be downright shocked and frightened; but then I'd just be like oh, whatever. But I don't want that to happen. I want to read everything, use all the knowledge I get, and delete everything else.

Buy the 5 things I need
A camera battery, a cellphone memory card, a battery for my beloved Kindle, a wrist watch bracelet and a pair of glasses.

Practice gratitude
Maybe, maybe, maybe it’s not a meaningless thing. We’ll see.

Write a book
Wow, this sounds more serious than it actually is. And "it" is just something I've been thinking about for quite some time now and want to do it just for the sake of writing, if nothing else. Practicing. Improving. Oh, and some of my friends might find it interesting to read 😉

Write every day
How I will get to writing a book? By writing every day. If it's five sentences, good. If it's five or twenty-five pages, great. 

Read books
Last year I set a goal for myself of reading 12 books, but I didn't manage. Partially that's because my Kindle died, and partially because I really suck at time management. I love books though, so I'd try and read more.

Watch movies
Because I love them and because I was so lousy in 2016. that I didn't manage watching 52 movies, and I thought it was a bare minimum.

Become more mindful with money
I'm not buying things I don't need; but still, money is nowhere to be found. I want to find good ways to make money and treat it right.

Keep your fingers crossed, peeps! I'll be keeping mine for you. Let's rock 2017!

Love, Tihana

P.S. Here are some resolutions you could adopt this year. Good luck!

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