Rome Day 2 - Photo Diary

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh, it feels great to go through my photos from Rome. It's been quite a while now and my Italian trip has certainly become a great memory. But I still haven't shared everything I wanted with you guys, and Rome is among those things too! Who would've thought, I know, right, I was being so loud last year with all that 'Rome is the most beautiful city ever' praise. Well it is! And today I'm sharing the rest of my days there. On my second full day I went to Vatican (don't do that on Sundays, learn from my mistakes) and because the estimate wait for entering the Saint Peter's Cathedral was three hours, I skipped it. (It was really hot and there is no shade on the square where the line is formed, so I figured I better use three hours in Rome in another way). I wandered around, had a coffee, wrote postcards, most of which never reached their destination though... have no idea why. And admired the beauty. Yep, that's pretty much everything I did. Also, I included photos of the lovely Campo de' Fiori farmer's market that I visited the day before. It was screaming 'Italy' from every corner and I had wished I had been going home so I can buy bunch of pasta and spices for my family. Well, some other time! Because if anything's for sure, it is that I will be back in Rome. Rome, the love of my life.

P.S. This is the 100th post on the Wandering Polka Dot! Woohoo, right!

The Venetian Lagoon: Torcello & Murano

Monday, February 23, 2015

If you're considering visiting Venice (and by all means you should, because it's such a picturesque and interesting and beautiful town with lots of stuff to do!), then don't miss out on some other gems of the Venetian Lagoon. I mentioned the Burano island earlier on the blog, as the cutest place in Europe there is, but there are two other islands you could pay a visit to.

Snippets of Serbia: Interviewing Emma Fick

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I don't even remember how & when I stumbled upon Emma Fick's drawings. (Must've been Facebook, everything happens on Facebook.) And I was impressed! It was a drawing of someone or something from Serbia, with a witty explanation from the point of view of a foreigner. Soon I found out that she is an American expat in Serbia who turns her days and experiences into a charming series of drawings - Snippets. Emma is an English teacher and a gifted artist. So far you could've seen her Snippets of Serbia all over the internet, but soon she's hosting an exhibition in Belgrade, and in few months she will publish a hard copy! As a curious being, I had to approach Emma and ask her a question or two, and she was so kind to answer (OK, it was more than two). Enjoy this lovely lady's work and don't forget to come to the exhibition if you're around Belgrade this coming Wednesday!

Weekend Reads #14

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hello guys! What is the weather like where you are? Nope, it's not the weather chit chat, but I'm just curious. We had few amazing spring days here in the north of the Netherlands, and then so much rain! (I'm not a rain lover.) But that's normal I guess, it's incredible how much the weather is changing here. In another news, I'm moving TO GERMANY in a week, and I'm beyond excited! Continuing to write about Berlin on the blog soon! EXPERIENCING BERLIN! I just can't explain how much I love that city! 

Here are this week's online specialties.

What Solo Travel Taught Me

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Few years ago it would have never even crossed my mind to travel alone.

Luckily, times have changed. I have changed?

And let's be honest, traveling solo has become a thing in the world of travel blogs (and of course outside of it). More and more people have taken the plunge and done it. When we were told last year that we were supposed to attend a conference in Italy, I got the idea of traveling the country because I'd never been to Italy before. But I really wanted to see all the major cities, spend some weeks on the road, so I couldn't really expect anyone to want to follow me for two reasons: it's a lot of time and it's a lot of money. So I would do it alone.

Weekend Reads #13

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hey guys,

As you might have noticed, I missed last two weeks' Weekend Reads, and it was because I was too busy with my friend who visited from Serbia, and then an overwhelming workload at the uni. I wish I could say I'm still recovering, but I just keep pushing, because it DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE AN END! OK I know it does, my semester ends in two weeks, but it's just too much of everything and I feel I need a six-months' worth vacation without any articles. Not gonna happen - the next six months are dedicated to my MSc thesis... please keep your fingers crossed for me not losing my sanity. It also means that I don't believe I will have time for this li'l blog of mine in the next two weeks, but we'll see. In the meantime, here are some places around the web I want to share with you.

Foggy Home

Sunday, February 8, 2015

One morning in December I had to get up really early because I had a contract to sign somewhere in Belgrade (I'll spare you the details). The venue was really far away from my friend's place, and honestly I don't even remember when I'd gotten up that early the last time... Anyway, it was a very foggy morning, and as I was done at about 8:15 and had nothing to do until 3 PM, I decided to take a walk instead of a bus and just hang around by myself. And my precious Belgrade. I've always had a feeling of home there, which annoyed my parents when I was at the beginning of my studies there, but after some years they got used to it. I like places easily - I fall in love with places easily. There are a ton of places where I would like to live just for a little while, if not more - if only I could be a nomad! But there is not one single place in the world that makes me feel like Belgrade does.

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