New Year's Goals You Could Add To Your List

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Apparently, I'm not a woman of a plan. What a hideous way to start off a post that talks about New Year's goals. No, wait, don't go!

I mean, I was; I made a detailed schedule for the blog and felt committed to it—only to fall ill just in time to not finish those posts that needed to be finished, let alone follow the schedule. Heck, I didn't even open my laptop. I felt I should say goodbye to everything and everyone, as the previous couple of nights were pretty heavy on me. (I hate getting sick. I never do. And then I do and then I freak out.)

Anyway, here's something I think you would find useful. If you're a New Year's resolutions freak like I am, but you're not sure what goals you could set for yourself, check this out. Nothing is too demanding, yet it might help you in your everyday life, or just make you feel like you own it. Or make you actually own it. 😉

Make a plan to travel somewhere—and how to stick to it

A lot of people wish they traveled more. At the same time, they (say they) don't because they lack time and/or money. Well, here are 365 days ahead of you—certainly you could squeeze in a vacation there? When are the national holidays in your country, anything on Friday or Monday so you could use a longer weekend? If you take, for example, two days off work, that could be 5 days, more than enough for a getaway to someplace nice.

If you feel it's difficult to save money, examine your financial habits. Do you eat out regularly? Do you shop for clothes every month or so? Sometimes you have to make a compromise with yourself. If you feel you shouldn't restrain yourself from, say, eating out, that's fine. Everybody's priorities are different, and as long as you're happy with yours, it's all good. However, eating out once or twice a week doesn't really give you as many new experiences as going somewhere new does... but that's just my two cents.

Point being: traveling has really never been more available, and if you plan in time, you can get almost anywhere you want in 2017. Oh, and make sure you check out my Budget Travel Guide.

Find a physical activity you like

Speaking from experience here! You know, like I do, and so does everyone else, that physical activity is crucial for health, good bones, yadda, yadda, yadda... Yet it's possible you're still a couch potato, or a chair-potato, if that's even a thing (but it must be since we're sitting in front of our computers all the time!). Why is so? Well, you, like me, probably (think you) hate exercising. Running leaves you exhausted or you find it boring; gyms are smelly; yoga is weird; bicycle is a means of transport, plus, it's too cold now anyways. I hear you, sister!

BUT! There's something for everybody, and I am a core believer in this since I myself got up from that very chair. You just haven't found your thing yet. Which also means you have to keep trying. OK, so the first four things you try out might be super boring, but the fifth will be awesome. That's how life goes anyway. I don't need to tell you to get up in 2017. You know it already. So just DO IT. (No, I'm not advertising Nike, in case you wondered 😉)

Drink water

Another thing you know you should be doing. OK. So what's stopping you, apart from your inherent laziness? Hey, I'm not judging! I was in your shoes. Here's what has worked for me: I just used a liter-and-a-half bottle, or a two-liter bottle. I would fill it up in the morning and keep it at my desk if I stayed at home, and drink a few sips every half an hour or so. If I went outside, I would bring along a smaller bottle. The goal is, of course, to drink it up before going to bed. You can use a pitcher and put it on your work desk, or a big bottle like I do. Just make sure to actually drink it!

Spend time with friends and family

I'm guilty of not doing this enough in the past year. But at the end of they, circumstances change all the time. People move away, get married, have children. Spend time with those who are dear and near to you, because no Skype conversation and no texting app can be more genuine and valuable than a walk in the park or a cup of coffee with someone who is physically there. Besides, one day you might regret not having spent time with someone you cannot do that with anymore. Prevent that as much as possible.


This also has to do with the previous goal. For me, it meant deleting some people from my list of people "to meet", because they've been sitting there for a year and I didn't have the slightest wish to make it happen—but I felt I needed to. Well, I don't. Time is precious—and if one enjoys watching Gilmore Girls more than seeing someone just because they promised each other "we should catch up!" in July last year, but neither mentioned it again—who should ever say Gilmore Girls are a more stupid way to spend time?!

You should/could also prioritize basically everything and anything. I am the first one being guilty of saying yes to everything and then juggling a thousand and one thing in the air before I collapse; but I know it leads nowhere. Do the things you say yes to benefit you overall, or your business, your savings account, or your wellbeing or your relationships? If not really... pass. You don't have to do it all, seriously.

Do a digital detox from time to time

Just because you're not addicted to technology. 😉 And also because constantly checking your Instagram feed and Twitter tab as soon as you see someone has tweeted something messes with your productivity. Have you noticed that as well? Also, what was the last time you watched a movie without checking your phone? Or hung up with your parents your phone tucked up in your bag? Can't remember? Just do a cold turkey then. Focus on one thing and don't let too many screens mess with your brain.


I believe everybody does it at least in some form—I mean, you need to make sure you don't spend more than you have! But not every way of budgeting is a good way. There are endless resources online for those who don't know where to start; for example, check out Cait Flanders (here, here, here and here), or my dear Alyssa (herehere and here). If you haven't been responsible to your $$ so far, it's high time you became. 

Take control over your mail

Both electronic and snail mail. Last January I deleted about two thousand emails, but I still have almost 4,000. I bet a lot of them can go straight into Junk. Apart from deleting mails you no longer need, unsubscribe from all the newsletters you never read. (Ha! A rhyme!) I once advised you guys to use; however, having seen the app doesn't really unsubscribe, but just sends unread newsletters to Junk folder, I don't think it's the best solution. As for snail mail, you could start off by pasting a plea on your mailbox saying you don't want any advertisements. That's what I did. Not everybody respects it—and they really piss me off—but I have really noticed that my mailbox is less cluttered than all the neighboring are. When you do receive stuff, sort it out immediately. Save or toss. It's that simple.

Learn a new skill

Is there something you wish you knew how to do, but you don't? Perfect. Learn it this year. Or is there nothing you can think of? Here are some ideas: coding; baking; online marketing; creative writing; knitting; calligraphy; Photoshop; applying eyeliner like a pro; photography; _________. See? There probably is something worth learning this year. Instead of aimlessly scrolling Facebook for the 17th time a day in hope something will happen, why not invest even half an hour a day to learn something new and useful? You can find free online courses on Khan Academy or Alison, and if you decide to hone your new skill, check out Skillshare and Udemy. Remember: no knowledge is useless! 

Create a morning ritual, or an evening one (or both)

One helps you get ready in an automated way; the other lets you unwind after a busy (or not so busy) day. I loved having both. When you get up in the morning, you don't need to think about whether you should brush your teeth or not, right? Try doing the same with some other rituals, such as: making breakfast; making coffee or tea; doing some light exercise; reading news or a chapter of a book. In the evening, you could, for example, apply creams and moisturisers, do some yoga, leave your phone outside of your bedroom. You might like the ritual; or not. Why not check it out yourself?

What are your ideas for New Year's Goals? 



P.S. Here are my own New Year's resolutions, if you'd like to see.

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