Weekend Reads #55

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hello hello, how is everyone? How are you surviving the heat, provided you're experiencing something similar to what we have here in Belgrade? I think people who live in Belgrade and claim they love summer are just plain dumb—that is, unless they spend all of it somewhere else. The city is pure concrete and it's incredibly hot. A week or two ago I had problems breathing for the first time in my life. My AC is working most of the time (hello, electricity bill!) and my blinds are shut. I wake up covered in sweat and the first thing I do when I enter the flat is taking off all of the clothes. Even shower doesn't help. I cannot remember when exactly we became a tropical island... oh, but we didn't, because at least there you can jump into the sea. Well, enough with the despair: as always, here are some links for your entertainment.

Weekend Reads #54

Saturday, June 18, 2016

In latest news from the Fairytale Land... I lost my phone. I lost my beautiful golden liked-by-everyone phone that I only had for less than a year (and that's SO LITTLE because I use my phones until they are dead and done). I lost my phone that had a broken screen, and why did it have a broken screen, because I didn't have the funds to repair it. Well, here's the silver lining: I don't need to repair it anymore. I am at the moment using my dad's old phone and it sucks and using it literally HURTS, because it has a keyboard with REAL KEYS and my fingertips haven't been using keys on a phone since 2009.
Rant over. On a similar note though, do you happen to need a writer, a translator, an editor, anyone who does anything with words? Well, you're looking at the right person's blog! Hit the "Contact" tab, feed the piggy bank and sponsor my next electricity bill. 

Weekend Reads #53

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I know. I'm guilty. I let myself be one of those people whose domains expire. But on the other hand, why is it taking DAYS for money to land on my PayPal account? Anyway, we're back. If you had happened to visit in the past few days, you could have been greeted by a page telling you the domain for Wandering Polka Dot had expired. Argh! I now know I will make a dozen reminders for the next year...
Anyway, here are some links I stumbled upon recently I thought you might enjoy.

Advice To My Teenage Self

Thursday, June 2, 2016

If only they made a travel machine already! I have some advice for a version of myself that wore glasses and had a bunch of spots on the forehead. Since I did it all wrong, I can only try my best and swim in this muddy puddle they call life. If she had only done things differently... well, here it is, just in case they do invent a time machine and we find a way to access a blog in 2006. that doesn't yet exist.

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