Weekend Reads #118

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Hello, lovely people! I'm once again sitting in a coffee shop for the sake of change of scenery, as I have way too many admin-ish things to do this weekend. This time, however, I'll be more than pleased to do so, because I'm traveling (!) to New York (!!!!!!?????!!!!) next Thursday (?????). This will be my first time in the States and anyone who knows me also knows how much I've wanted it for years—well, basically since I was a kid. I remember announcing I would study to be an English teacher and move to San Francisco when I was about nine. My brutally honest mother said to me: "But they already speak English there." Talk about ruining a child's dreams! Anyway, I really did want to travel there for a long time but for me it's always been an adventure that comes with a hefty price. And apparently, I made it to the stage where I could live below my means and stash away coins with a goal in my mind. (Then the stolen passport with the visa episode happened, but I managed to acquire one again.) And here we are. I'm so incredibly happy, and I'm off to plan my trip. As for you, enjoy the links below, and the next Friday links will be here on March 27th—the day I land back. 

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