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Thank you for looking for a way to collaborate with the Wandering Polka Dot!

What is Wandering Polka Dot?

Wandering Polka Dot is a travel/lifestyle blog run by Tihana Smiljanić, established in 2013. Having lived in four European countries and traveled extensively around Europe and beyond, I am excited to showcase places worth visiting and point my readers into the same direction: save money for traveling, see more, all while navigating this crazy thing called life.
To learn more about Tihana, click here.

Who are Wandering Polka Dot readers?

My readers are mainly based in Serbia (32%), US (15%), Germany (9%), UK (4%), Netherlands (4%), Montenegro (4%) and basically all over the world. Women make 75% of my audience, and most of my readership falls into the 25–35 age bracket (52%), followed by 18–24 (21%) and 35–44 (16%).

Here's what you need to know if you want to work with me, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

I want to publish an article on Wandering Polka Dot, can I?

I usually don’t sell do-follow links for a 500-word article.
I also don’t want your writer to “get the feel for my tone and style” so they could write an article that sounds like it was written by me. (I can write that!!)
If you are a blogger who wants to build their DA and can write a great, informative and thorough article that offers value, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. Though be warned: at the moment I’m not looking for a wide network of collaborators. But you can try your luck :)

I want you to include my article in your Weekend Reads. Can you do that?

No. As it says in the description, Weekend Reads are my own choice of links I have personally found across the world wide web and for some reason I thought they could be interesting to my audience.
Also, if you’ve “written a post that’s more in-depth than an article I linked to in 2014 that you just came across browsing my blog”, don’t bother.

I want you to write an article for/about my company, but I don't have a budget for that. Can you do that?

If your company generates revenue, no, I cannot. You don't go to work hoping to get exposure that might lead to an income somewhere down the road, do you?

I want to advertise my product or service on Wandering Polka Dot. Can I?

Sure! I’d be more than happy to try out your product or service and write an honest review.
Things I find interesting and relevant and think my audience could too: travel gear, hotels, airlines, restaurants, cafes, food, fashion and beauty items; services related to travel, organization, leisure.
Things I don’t find interesting/relevant and therefore cannot review them: anything maternal, anything related strictly to citizens or residents of certain countries.
Get in touch for more details.

So where are you now and where are you from?

From Serbia, holding a dual Serbian/Croatian citizenship, currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand.

I want to work with you in some other way.

I’d be happy to! I’m always on the lookout for quality experiences, brands and products my readers would love. I’m up for press trips, brand partnerships and brand sponsorships, but also open to suggestions!

Shoot me an email: tihana [dot] smiljanic [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll do my best to reply in a timely manner!

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