Weekend Reads #40

Friday, January 29, 2016

OK, I get it, I promised something last week and then just succumbed to my laziness. I hope things will change soon or I'm doomed. I've written so many articles lately on how to be productive in January but cannot seem to listen to my own advice, which sucks because, well, why would anyone else then?! But for starters, I made a bet with a friend to get up at 7 every day in February. He says it's highly unlikely, I think his opinion is crazy and I'm sure I'll win the bet, so let's see. Whoever loses has to do a thing the other tells him (or her!) to do, and I honestly have no idea what he's capable of, so I better win! I'm sure it would be something extremely embarrassing so I better not find out. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :) And here's your serving of this weekend's links from around the web. 

Weekend Reads #39

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hi there! I've been covering the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin A/W 2016 for the past few days for Plezir Magazine, and wanted to deliver posts here too on a daily basis, but just couldn't - I was too tired every day! Plus I started watching Game of Thrones haha after all my friend had been telling me for years how awesome the show is, and now I totally see it. I love it!! (Have you been following it? If not, start now, I wish I'd started earlier!) Anyway, I must admit I have no idea how big bloggers manage to 1. get up early every day, 2. pick their outfits and do their makeup, 3. attend millions of shows and events, 4. go out partying, 5. come back home and publish a post. I have no idea and I admire them for that! I'll just succumb to my laziness and great appreciation of sleeping.

What You Can Expect Here in 2k16 and Beyond

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Apart from my regular (okay... semi-regular) Weekend Reads, in more than two years of running Wandering Polka Dot I think I have never actually written a "catching-up" post. You know, the one where people just sit down and write whatever comes to their mind, intertwined with what and how they've been doing recently. I think you need to acquire a certain following of people that are genuinely interested in the blogger... and I never felt I could do that. Though I do a mini happy dance every time I get a comment and love you for that!! 

Top 10 Things You Need to Figure Out When Moving

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In case your plans for this year involve moving to another city or even country, congrats! I've moved cities and/or countries six times in the past three years (actually, it's even less than three years!) and it's so stressful, but on the other hand so rewarding because - yay, new adventures! But before you get all out and about making the time of your life (no, that's not really how it goes in reality, but sounds nice!), you should sort loads of things out. My friend Ivan, who moved to Denmark from Serbia last year, published this post on his blog and I loved it so much that I asked it if I could feature it on my own blog. Obviously, I can :) - thank you Ivan! I'm much more about the whole 'new life' craze so I'd never think of writing this, but it's a great guide and good to have in mind. Here's what Ivan suggests you put on your to-do list as soon as you arrive to your new home.

2016 - Another Round of New Year's Resolutions

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello guys, and Happy New Year to you!!! I hope you had a good time wherever you were and whatever you were doing. I also hope you had a reasonable amount of alcohol and that the 1st of January is treating you right. ;) I hope you're evaluating your 2015. and drawing good conclusions from it, knowing how to make 2016. better in every regard. What are your plans and wishes for the year? Will you just go with the flow or are you more on the freaky side like me, with tons of plans? You might remember that I shared my goals for 2015 with you a year ago, and I was also tracking my progress every three months here on the blog. (Yep, I still owe an overall post on how I did in 2015!) I plan to do something similar again, because even though I didn't manage to have a perfect score, keeping my goals and plans public has helped me work on them. 

So what do I want from 2016?

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