Weekend Reads #66

Friday, December 2, 2016

You may guess where I am at the moment. OK, if you said "on a train", you were right. Fridays, huh? For me, it's another check-up at the orthodontist—as if it were not enough to see her every other week, it's every week now because I need to get it done before I move. Hah! Yes I'm moving countries soon again, but don't feel like sharing the whole story yet because it's BIG. So big it scares me sometimes. Anyway... I was telling. Friday. Weekend Reads. I hope you have a nice one, friends. Enjoy!

My lost mother's last receipt. Mara Wilson, who you might know as a child playing Matilda in the movie of the same name, writes about a lost memory of her late mother.

How hipster food trends are literally ruining the world. This is so good! Actually it sparked quite a conversation on my Facebook. :)

Love is not enough. A very important read. I wish I sent it to an acquaintance of mine, but she'd probably be offended.

Happiness makes us less creative—at least according to scientists. ;)

Do you wash your mug at the office after every coffee? Turns out, you don't have to. Like, ever.

Interested in what other people do in bed? (It's okay, really.) Take a look at the results of Natsal, Britain’s national surveys of sexual attitudes and lifestyles, "the largest scientific studies of sex in the world to date, lifting the lid on the sex lives of over 45,000 people".

Talk to you soon! Tihana

P.S. Things you need to do by the end of the year - don't miss this post I published yesterday, it might give you some good ideas.

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