A Very Late Instagram Post

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I was really surprised to realize that I haven't posted Instagram posts for quite a while now. So here's a very late Instagram post, from November and December last year. I look at these pictures and see how I fell in love with Finland. It took me a while, but then it struck me as a lightning and it's gonna last forever.

Clockwise: wool hats displayed in Joensuu Arts & Crafts market; learning colors in Finnish; beautiful autumn
landscape in Joensuu; vitamin D pills called Aurinko - "The Sun"

Moments of enjoyment and study breaks; window view from the train

Helsinki train station; Jarboli (a Serbian band) poster in Helsinki - in my friend's apartment :); Serbian and
Finnish flag; a bench in Helsinki for one person only

A bit unusual Finnish language lesson - baking class! Ingredients; an Italian chef taking a break; me taking
a break  with coffee and gingerbread cookies; people waiting impatiently for pullas to be done

My group! Dutchie Nienke and Srilankan Chaya reading the recipe, or posing, who knows! :) Our pullas,
Finnish sweet pastry; done and all done, Chaya and me definitely posing :)

On the same day it snowed heavily for the first time, and if you ask me, it never stopped; around that time
I received my personal 2014 planner, the most beautiful planner ever, so personalised it even had birthdays
of my really close friends, British royal family

And then I had a visit of my friend from Czech Republic; we had drinks together, and coffee together, and
by accident we went to my favorite bar in Joensuu when Đoković was playing against Wawrinka;
we had burgers there, but I had to admit that the McDonalds' one are much better!
We also had breakfast and coffee in the most beautiful place in Joensuu

That would be the Arts & Crafts Cafe; all the pictures are from the cafe

In December the winter happened - including the sunset at 13:30 and some heavy snow; I spent some time
in the library studying in December, and found a book on upbringing a bilingual child, which I hope mine
would be one day. I also made some Serbian salads for Pikkujoulu celebration at a friend's,
and I was really proud of myself

And then the winter really struck us hard, so I could enjoy the snow view from my window; it was also time to do
some winter shopping, as we were travelling to Lapland - you might have seen the Lapland posts here and here;
and while doing winter stuff, I helped myself with some Finnish delicacies - here piirakka

First stop on the Lapland trip - Ranua Wildlife Park; next stop Rovaiemi and Santa Claus' Village on the Arctic Circle

Levi Ski Resort and somebody being seriously warmed up

Still on the Lapland trip, but crossing the border and going to Norway! Snow storms and stuff, reindeer meat and
the lovely Arctic ocean

My very first ocean to jump in! I froze to death, but it is most certainly one of the best things I have done in my life;
reindeer farm visit, beautiful animals and a Reindeer Driving Licence

Back home... see what I just did, called Joensuu home? :) My building in the wintertime; my first Advent calendar,
Joensuu winter landscape, and a sleepless night at the Helsinki airport, prior to going to Serbia

First photo: one of my homes - Sombor, the place where I grew up and where my family lives; New Year's wishes
for the town; the Town Museum being renovated; me not choosing between EU and Russia :)

And another reminder of the Lapland trip: Santa, Aurora Borealis, reindeer

Going to another home: Belgrade! And eating very American stuff at a really American diner :)

But even December ended, and so does this post; my friend and I started getting really festive in one of Belgrade's
numerous kafanas - even though this kind of restaurant are getting really popular now, it's been our thing
for ages; the Nikola Tesla quote is hung in that one and it's funny because it has some misspellings.
The last two photos are from the NYE's shopping. It's with a great sadness that I have to report we didn't drink it all. :)

Keep catching happy moments with Instagram. I hope you enjoyed mine. If you want to follow me, you can do so here.


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