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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Main street
Hello everyone,

Last time I mentioned that I was in Serbia. That's right, I skipped two classes to come home - I better not do that too often! :) I had a lovely time home, spending time with the two most gorgeous people in the world a.k.a. my parents, then visiting my sister in Novi Sad, where she studies - she's a bit more serious about her studies so she could only spend a couple of hours with me - and finally I was off to Belgrade where I attended a friends' wedding and met as many friends as I could for a weekend. The wedding party was lovely, and to tell you the truth, it was actually the thing that was the crucial factor in me deciding I was coming to Serbia!

Anyway, as I keep posting lovely places on my blog and informing everyone where I live and travel, I decided to show you where I came from. This time the star of my blog post is Sombor.

Sombor is a small town in the north-west of Serbia. If you're not from Serbia or one of the neighboring countries (it's close to the Croatian and Hungarian borders), I bet you have never heard of it. Sometimes I find it annoying when people ask me where exactly I come from, because most of them have only heard of Belgrade, maybe Novi Sad and Niš, the next big cities in Serbia. I'm usually polite so I make the introduction I just made - about it being a really small town nobody's heard of - but few days ago I actually said to an American couple that I was from Belgrade. It was in a beer bar and if anyone hasn't heard of my town, it had to be an American couple, so I just wanted to spare both myself and them from the explanation, but I must admit I felt a bit odd, because let's face it - I'm not from Belgrade. Even though I love it so so much. 

Anyway, I spent my years before going to the university in Sombor. Unlike some other countries, Serbia doesn't have university towns - the universities there are located in the big cities, and big cities being my thing, I was excited for years before moving to Belgrade. I felt as if I was missing out so much, because young people didn't have much to do in Sombor. (I think the situation is better nowadays.) We had (and still have) the National Theater and a cinema, but apart from that, basically the only thing high school students could do was go out. But the possibilities for going out were also very poor, as the most popular places were the ones with the shitty music the majority listened to, and if you dared to listen to something else (we rebels liked Nirvana at the age of 15, of course), the chances were you had to do it in your room. Those were the years of finding ourselves, so even if today I could go out wherever and have a good time, it was really a matter of social approval and recognition and status not to be seen at some places. I guess you know what I'm talking about - we've all been there. :)

The Municipal Assembly of Sombor

Moving to Belgrade was such a relief. Because all of a sudden, I had options. I could choose where to go and what to do. Plus, many of my friends from all over Serbia I met in my high school years also moved to Belgrade so I could see them more often. And I shouldn't forget the most appealing thing at that time - moving away from the parents. But then I developed a completely new love for my hometown. I never actually wanted to or planned to go back there for good - job options for my profile are nonexistent, and as I said, I really do prefer big and lively cities to towns. However, I learned to accept this town as part of me and my growing up. I wander its street and I feel cosy and nice. It remembers my first loves, my first kisses, first anxieties caused by school and first break-ups. And of course, it's the place where my parents live. That's why it's always going to be Home.

This lion (and another one on the other side of the door) stands in front of the Town Cinema. I loved to "ride" it when I was a kid. The cinema was renovated when I was already studying in Belgrade and I never got the chance to see a movie afterwards, but I entered it during a literary even and I was totally amazed! It looks like any other decent movie theater, and trust me, after its condition in the nineties, it's such an improvement!

St George's Church at the St George's Square

Laza Kostić - one of the greatest Serbian poets, who lived and worked in Sombor

Santa Maria della Salute - his most famous love poem

Main street and St George's Square

Town hall, seen from the back

Erno Bosnyak, the founder of Yugoslav cinematography, first Yugoslav movie director, cinematographer and producer

Text message: mural in the city centre

Sombor souvenirs

An homage to previous looks of the Main street

Meeting point for elementary and high school students: at the bunny's. Popcorns are made and sold here

Kronić palace

National Theater of Sombor

Town Museum

100% organic

The building where I met my first real friends and spent wonderful four years. My high school! 

Town hall

Well, who needs orthography anyway :)

I would guess this is a pretty nice place to visit. We also have a horse carriage in the city center that you can have a ride on - it wasn't parked in its usual place so I don't have any photos. In the 19th century we had dozens of those - now we only have one. The town is also called The Green Town by some - that's because it's the greenest town of the country, with its many trees, but unfortunately it's not yet as beautiful - the town is the most beautiful in May. Too bad this year I'm not going to see that. Unless I skip some more classes 3:)

Talk to you soon!
Tihana xx


  1. Divne raspuste sam provodila u Somboru, nisam dugo bila i sad dok gledam ove slike uhvatila me neka nostalgija. I ta pijaca divna, koliko sam je samo puta opisla u sastavima tipa Kako ste proveli letnji raspust. :) Nije da podržavam izbegavanje predavanja, ali ako će za posledicu imati ovako divne postove: izbegavaj ih što češće! :D

    1. Hahahaha, ćuuuti! :) Ali hvala! <3 uvek mi je drago da čujem da se ljudima sa strane dopada Sombor. A onima koji nikad nisu bili obavezno savetujem da idu u maju, ko što spomenuh :)

  2. Divni Sombor, ima svašta, ali je nekako nezasluženo na margini dešavanja. Volim da odem tamo, nekako mi je godpodstven, kao što je moj rodni grad Novi Sad nekada bio. Napisah i ja jedan post o Somboru, sa aspekta slučajnog posetioca :)


    1. Eh, a to ti je nevolja kad negde živiš - mnoge stvari uzimaš zdravo za gotovo, zato je valjda i lepši kad dođeš u posetu. Sad valjda i ja imam tu šansu :) Mnogo mi se dopada tvoj post! :)

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    1. Oh, thank you for the kind words, you just made my day! :) I wish you a nice one as well :)


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