Things You Need To Do By The End Of The Year

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Last year I wrote an article on things one should do in order to end the year on the right foot. While I still stand by the things I said (check them out!), I decided to be more specific this year. Here’s my list, hopefully it will inspire you to do some of those things by the end of the year yourself, or give you some ideas!

  1. Read “The Landscape of Love” by Sally Beauman. I’m half way through and this should be done this week actually.
  2. Read a book I got as a present.
  3. Read the book of Chinese short stories.
  4. Write three emails. Send them.
  5. Maybe even four if it’s a good month.
  6. Read The Dubliners.
  7. Finish a postponed task. (It’s actually the task, but you don’t know about it. I do. Take-home message: if there’s something you’ve been postponing for ages, do it now, in the next four weeks. You get extra rest on Christmas and 31st.)
  8. Read Siddhartha. 
  9. Watch the three movies sitting sadly on my Desktop.
  10. Finish all the seasons of Gilmore Girls… nah, who am I kidding, there’s no way this can happen. Too many episodes. (I’m on S02 atm.)
  11. Apply to all the things I have bookmarked. (10 of them. Yikes.)
  12. See all the people I need want to see. (Too many of them.)
  13. Finish at least one of the courses in my Inbox.
  14. Edit photos for some of the blog posts I have been postponing for too long. (Um… 5 of them. At least.)
  15. Read 16 bookmarked articles. Because I streamlined my reading list so these are a must.
  16. !!! Write a strategy so I can actually do these things!!!
  17. Yep, I agree: Gilmore Girls and living peeps have to go to 2017.

What is it that you need to get done by the end of the year?

Love, Tihana

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