Summer in the City: Belgrade, Serbia

Friday, August 8, 2014

Few weeks ago my friend Tamara had an idea of us and some other friends exploring Belgrade for a whole day and taking photos of it for my blog. Yay! Such a sweetheart. We wanted to make a locals' insight for prospective tourists - what to see, where to go, where to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, where to go out. But eventually, my visit was much shorter than I had expected and then we only had a couple of hours to fool around with her camera. Plus two more girls, whom I hadn't seen for a long time, joined us, and you can imagine that reunion with old friends is more about fun than work. I'm not complaining though, it's how it should be. :) It reminded me once more what a beautiful city I used to live in. I mentioned it in an earlier Belgrade post, I will always consider it home.

I am probably a bit subjective when it comes to Belgrade, but trust me, it is really worth visiting. In fact, not that long ago an Australian friend of mine went there and I couldn't meet her there and show her around, so I tried my best and sent her detailed instructions on what to do - she said I had been of a great help. :) And actually, it turned out that the most important things to see are the ones I enjoyed myself too when I lived there.

Kalemegdan fortress and park are perfect for history lovers as much as for everyone else, since you can just walk there, have a beer on the little stone wall while looking at the river, or sit on the grass and relax. It's fairly easy to reach - it's at the end of the main pedestrian street in the center. If you're into souvenirs, this is the place to buy them. If you prefer having a coffee with a view of the river confluence, you can do that too in one of the cafes. Enter this city oasis and forget the urban jungle hassle!

Skadarlija - the bohemian quarter - takes you back in time. This perfect little cobblestone street known for excellent restaurants remind some of Monmartre in Paris. Here you can try original Serbian cuisine (highly recommended!) and have a real bohemian experience. Good wine, food, music and friends - no matter if you're joyful or blue, you will enjoy this. Skadarlija goes well with both feelings, and that's why people fall in love with it. Don't forget to wear something flat - you might like Skadarlija, but your heels won't.

Apart from those? Just walk and let the city seduce you. Or wait until I write about my favorite coffee places and then schedule your visit. Believe me, when it comes to where I'll have my coffee, I'm not easy to please, and Belgrade offers amazing places for everyone!

Geez, I miss it already.

Have you ever been to Belgrade? (Of course, this does not apply to my Serbian readers :P) Would you like to? And do you have a love relationship with a city or a town? :) I'd like to hear about cities that make your heart beat faster!

Talk to you soon - T.

P.S. A special thanks goes to my lovely friends Tamara and Tijana who, with their cameras and photography skills, brought you these Belgrade moments. 


  1. Slike su vam prelepe, oduševljena sam, uslikale ste najlepše delove Beograda :)
    Ovo je moj blog:
    pozdrav :)

    1. Hvala, Biljana, na lepom komentaru, i dobro došla na blog :) Imam umešne drugarice, ali mislim da je i do toga da Beograd ume da bude maneken... kad hoće. ;)

  2. Uživala sam čitajući i gledajući.Ovo je Beograd koga volim da se sećam ovde na dalekom Novom Zelandu.Bila sammala kada su se moji iselili ali još uvek volim svoj rodni grad.Baš ovakav pre nego što bude na vodi (mada insajderi misle a će pre biti na hlebu i vodi.Nažalost.Mnogo pametnije bi bilo da ako ta investicija uopšte postoji da se to usmeri na obnavljanje mnogobtrojnih divnih zdanja u Beogradu. Jedinu zamerku blogu imam da nije na srpskom jeziku jer sam siguran da bi ga mnogi rado pročitali.Ipak ću ga podeliti na Fejsu,ko bi odoleo.A sad idem dalje da vidim čega finog ovde još ima.

    1. Zdravo, dobro došla na blog skroz s druge strane planete i drago mi je da ti se dopada! :)
      Što se tiče jezika, blog je krenuo kao mesto na kom sam obaveštavala porodicu i svoje domaće i internacionalne prijatelje gde sam i šta radim prošle jeseni kad sam počela da studiram u inostranstvu. U međuvremenu je malo porastao - ne mnogo ;), ali svakako bi samo na srpskom jeziku imala vrlo, vrlo, vrlo ograničenu publiku, što mi se ne dopada. U jednom momentu sam pomislila da možda ne bi bilo loše imati dvojezičan blog, ali sam brzo odustala od te ideje jer prosto zahteva vreme, a ja ni ovako ne stižem redovno da blogujem. Za one koji su baš radoznali a teško im je da čitaju ubacila sam dugme za prevod sa strane - naravno, ima mnooogo falinki, ali stekne se ideja.
      No, hvala ti na komentaru i veliki pozdrav! :)


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