Weekend Reads #129

Sunday, March 28, 2021


Happy Spring! I spent the entire day outside yesterday, hence publishing weekend reads on a Sunday. And if there weren't for the Daylight Saving, it would have been only half past noon, so bear with me :) Hope everyone's well, healthy, and in the mood for making the best out of the season—minus the allergies. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Weekend Reads #128

Saturday, March 20, 2021


Hello there! How is everyone? Are you sick and tired of the pandemic already? (That's actually a pretty stupid question.) Got your vaccine? Convinced someone they should, too? Good on you! Here's your weekly dose of the reads I think you might find interesting. I hope you do! Oh, and happy first day of Spring, if you're in the Northern hemisphere; happy Autumn if you're not. :)

Weekend Reads #127

Sunday, March 14, 2021


Ohh, it's Sunday already! (hence the clocks; I thought an image of the White Rabbit would be a bit cheesy.) Yet, I told myself I wouldn't miss any of the weekends in March, so here I am. Without further ado, because you only have half a day until we turn to yet another manic Monday, please find the Weekend Reads below and enjoy! Oh and yes, not a part of the standard reads BUT if you visit www.kinochronics.org until midnight today (CET), you get to enjoy some movies on human rights—documentaries and feature films—as the Kino Chronics online festival is taking place at the moment. There you go—films and articles curated by Yours Truly, you only need to find something to nibble on. Have a great rest of the day, see you soon!

Weekend Reads #126

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Now, it would seem I have a complicated relationship with this blog. I don't. I love it, maybe not as much as seven-ish (seven??????) years ago, but it's very dear to me and I cannot imagine forgetting to pay for the domain name and letting it all go. On the other hand, it's been years since I was devoted to this little piece of the interwebs.  Rumor has it no one actually reads blogs anyway. Um, I kind of do? Well, people have expressed their preference for a video format, and that's something I doubt you will ever see me doing. And how would Weekend Reads even work as a video? Exactly :) so here I am, having fun just occasionally, hoping it's good enough. Chasing perfection is so last decade. And I hope you can have fun as well. That being said, enjoy this week's Weekend Reads. I hope you're well, I hope lockdowns, isolations, and the like haven't messed up with your head and your life too much, and I just hope you're at piece. At times, that might be the hardest thing you can work on, but one of the most important ones. 

Weekend Reads #125

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Well, it seems we only gather here to mark big occasions, such as birthdays and Christmases :) I hope everyone is well—as much as one can be. Stay safe, friends. Drink plenty of fluids, wear masks, wash your hands, find ways to stay connected, but you've done all this, haven't you? Pandemic fatigue is a thing, and I urge you to continue with best practices, and maybe we'll live freely again soon. Call your loved ones if they're away, don't make any drastic New Year's resolutions, or don't make any at all. Read good books and be kind. Here are some internet reads I thought you might enjoy.

Weekend Reads #124

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Oh hi, and a happy birthday to me :) I've loved this date since I was a child and can pretty much say what I did on September 26th for the last 20ish years :) I mean, yeah, it's one step closer to death, but every other day is too, and in the meantime, I get showered with love from great people. What's not to love :) But anyway, you're here for the weekend reads, and here they are. Enjoy!

Weekend Reads #123

Friday, September 18, 2020

Oh, to be publishing something as simple as weekly links and be happy with yourself because of that. I'm again in the midst of a neverending to-do list and I'm well aware it's not even an excuse, rather... I don't know? Call for your compassion and sympathy? Love you all, and have a lovely weekend! 

Weekend Reads #122

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Happy Saturday, y'all! What have you been up to? I'm trying to decide which book to pick up today, as I've had a slight hiatus. Not asking for recommendations this time as I have DOZENS of books, physical and electronic, lying around and waiting for me to get to them. Though, if you feel you HAVE TO recommend something, fire away :) In the meantime, here are some links from around the Web I feel may appeal to you. Enjoy! 

Weekend Reads #121

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Not feeling particularly creative for an even remotely interesting introduction; working at home has taken its toll on me and I might be losing it. No one even talks about "when this is over" anymore. I wish I could be reading more books while days last forever, but I don't feel very capable. Any advice?

In the meantime, here's what you came here for... hope you like this week's links! Do share within your circles if you do!

Weekend Reads #120

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Keeping silent over here again, even though I had felt overwhelmed with all the content I was reading online so ended up unsubscribing from various newsletters. My life lately has been a blur—I can imagine it's similar with everyone, given the situation in the world—sleeping poorly, being available to work at all times, not managing to find the time for the book pile that's growing and growing. But I'll still ask you about book recommendations, as you may know already about my love for every list imaginable. Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter :)

And as you're probably here for some interesting reads, here they are. 

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