Weekend Reads #67

Friday, December 9, 2016

Hello from the train. The pattern, eh? I got up at 6 AM today so basically I now might go to sleep and wake up tomorrow. If you feel the same though, I urge you to check Weekend Reads first though. So without further ado, here they are. Hope you have a good weekend. 😊

Having troubles falling asleep? Maybe you need a new sound.

Places you don't need to bring your phone. Seriously! I couldn't really quit using my phone in all of the places on the list, but it made me think. There's no need to stick to it 24/7.

Surprisingly logical minds of babies. You'll love this if you're a nerd. Or if you like babies. Especially if both.

Once you fall in love, how can you stay there?

Also: remember 36 questions designed to fall in love with someone? That's the easy part, says the author of the New York Magazine article you have probably read.

A funny take on how some paintings were created.

Want some interesting posters to spruce up your living room? Here are some by the NASA, announcing space travels and other interesting space endeavours.

I loved this kindness project and I am sure I will do it at some point! Please think about doing it too. 😇

If audio tours of museums were honest.

Love, Tihana

Photo: East Side Gallery Berlin, by me

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