Weekend Reads #118

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Hello, lovely people! I'm once again sitting in a coffee shop for the sake of change of scenery, as I have way too many admin-ish things to do this weekend. This time, however, I'll be more than pleased to do so, because I'm traveling (!) to New York (!!!!!!?????!!!!) next Thursday (?????). This will be my first time in the States and anyone who knows me also knows how much I've wanted it for years—well, basically since I was a kid. I remember announcing I would study to be an English teacher and move to San Francisco when I was about nine. My brutally honest mother said to me: "But they already speak English there." Talk about ruining a child's dreams! Anyway, I really did want to travel there for a long time but for me it's always been an adventure that comes with a hefty price. And apparently, I made it to the stage where I could live below my means and stash away coins with a goal in my mind. (Then the stolen passport with the visa episode happened, but I managed to acquire one again.) And here we are. I'm so incredibly happy, and I'm off to plan my trip. As for you, enjoy the links below, and the next Friday links will be here on March 27th—the day I land back. 

Weekend Reads #117

Friday, February 28, 2020

Hello, friends! Here's another Friday. My blog has obviously turned into Weekend Reads, and I guess that's fine—it's a microcommitment I can almost keep. I do miss writing travel posts though, and I hope there will be some new, unexplored (for me at least) horizons to write about, but more on that next week. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the weekend, and talk to you soon!

Weekend Reads #116

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Change of scenery, y'all. Not a big one: I'm sitting at a very sunny coffee shop on early Saturday afternoon. But so needed! We had a three-day weekend last week, and all my plans for it went down the drain, thanks to one two several drinks too many. Trying to make amends with myself today and tomorrow. What are your plans for the weekend? Hope you're enjoying the sunny weather too! If you get any free time, take a look at the links below, if you'd like. Have a great weekend!

Weekend Reads #115

Friday, February 7, 2020

Hello again! I'll be quick as I'm in the middle of housework, going to work later, and with an enormous to-do list for the weekend. I'm a list woman, but sometimes I just wish to do nothing for two straight days. Which does happen, and I should obviously be more thankful when it does :) Also, here's a shoutout to one of my most amazing friends who celebrates her big 30 today. Happy birthday, Ivana! 💖 As for the rest of you, enjoy your weekend, minimize your own to-do lists, and have a look at some cool weekend reads below...

Weekend Reads #114

Friday, January 31, 2020

Haha, apparently, it's Friday again! It's also the last day of the month, and even though sense tells us January lasts just as much as all the other months of 31 days, I'm prone to thinking otherwise! Moreover, my monthly pay lands on next Tuesday, so, as someone said on Twitter, my January extends to the next weekend! Oops! On the other hand, welcoming February means we're closer to other good things we scheduled this year. I hope you have, too :)

In case you don't care about the passing of the time, but my weekly round of links around the web, I've got you covered. :) Enjoy!

Weekend Reads #113

Friday, January 24, 2020

I didn't feel the Blue Monday four days ago, but today I'm feeling as if January will never end! I'm such a homebody yet I'm cold at home (my fingers are super cold right now) because the insulation in our building sucks, and I can always turn the AC on but I'm kind of afraid of the next electricity bills. 😅 One thing I've been doing lately to battle the cold: reading! I've had a huge list of books to be read for ages, but this is finally the year I decided to start tackling it! Unfortunately, it means I'm making no progress on my two other lists—one for movies, the other one for TV series—but I'm finally reading almost every free minute of the day, and as a result, it's the 24th today and I read seven (7!!) books. I almost forgot how great reading is. (Besides the good old WWW, which I've obviously been doing on a regular or semi-regular basis :)) Highly recommend it! Anyway, you're here for the links, so here they are...

Weekend Reads #112

Friday, January 17, 2020

Ooh, hello from the new year! Though on the 17th we can hardly still call it new. How's everyone, how are your New Year's Resolutions? Some who've been following a long time can remember I used to post mine here to hold myself accountable, but this year I think I'm giving up. At least in writing. I do have some ideas of what I want to do more (working out, reading, writing), or less (eating junk food), but honestly, I haven't had the time to organize a nice little document with wows to myself. Thinking about it, I feel I should have... maybe in February? :) On the other hand, it's the same as basically anytime—if you asked me in July what I feel I should be doing more, I'd probably tell you: work out, read, write. But I DID read three books in the past two and a half weeks, and I'm going through the fourth one, so who knows! Maybe resolutions and decisions are something you take more seriously in your thirties? What do you think? 

Anyway, here are the new reads... hope you like some of them!

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