#MBFWB Day 3

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 3 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin was so much fun! I spent it mostly running from one location to the other, sipping wine and eating nothing. No wonder people in fashion are skinny, there was free alcohol everywhere, before the shows, after the shows, but not a single bite could be found. Maybe all the alcohol makes you forget you're hungry.

The first show I attended on Thursday was by Annelie Schubert, a young German designer. This year Schubert won the „Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision“ of the 30th International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères, with the same collection she presented in Berlin. The collection is inspired by and named Aprons. It consists of sculptural and draped shapes made of neoprene and tweed. 

The show of Barre Noire, the label by the designer Timm Süßbrich, was opened with a dancing performance on the runway, featuring two dancers dressed in the label. The designer is known for his print and fabric mixing, teaming unique textures together. That's what he also offered in the SS 2016 collection: mixing linen, silk, suede, floral. Exciting, right?!

KASEEE was founded in 2007 by fashion designer Katrin Sergejew. The label develops asymmetric, changeable, innovative and straight fashion styles. Kaseee uses the combination of materials like vegetable tanned leather, functional material, wool and silk, and further refines it by handmade screen printings. The SS 2016 collection offers interesting cuts and shapes in neutral dreamy colors.

Piroshka is a Berlin and Budapest based newcomer fashion label. The inspiration for her women's collections comes from Hungarian folklore heritage and their neighbor cultures and fusions into a unique own eclectic aesthetic. For the SS 2016, the designer focused on white, navy, bright red and blue, a lot of prints, embroidery, and hair accessories. 

I also attended the Green Showroom show on sustainable and eco fashion by a number of designers, which I will share in a separate blog post so to not bore you to death. Thank you for reading!! What did you like the most?

Love, Tihana

Photography: Mercedes-Benz Fashion
Featuring photo, designs by Annelie Schubert /// Barre Noire

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