Six Months Later: Where I Am With My NY Resolutions

Sunday, July 5, 2015

For those of you who don't know, last January I compiled a list of NY resolutions and published them here. I've always had those, but kept them to myself, and this, along with the fact that I'd constantly been an overachiever, might be the reason why I never accomplished them all (not even near!). So now I decided to keep it low and publish it, because then there's no back! 

Three months ago I posted an update, to allow both you and myself to keep track with my progress. It seems that publishing was a good thing, because I was doing good! That's why I'm also posting another update, half-way through the year. (I know, scary.)

Have you made any NY resolutions? How are you doing? Making effort, or did you already forget them? In that case, I hope this list of mine inspires you to take action. It's not too late! So, here's how I'm doing.

Run. Last time I told you about my progress with Couch to 5k: I was about half way there. Then I made a month-long break. It just sort of happened, I missed my practice one day, then the next time I ended up having one beer too many with a friend and by the time I got home it was too late. The next time I didn’t feel like running, so I skipped it. Fast forward one month, I put on my running shoes and try to do the training I had done the last time. Somehow I made it – the proof that it’s all in the head – but I was really, really, really exhausted. The next time I couldn’t pull the prescribed training off, so I said to myself that under no circumstances such a long break should happen again. So, did I manage to run 5k? Yes I did! Somewhere after having hit 3 km I stopped following the program and just focused on running more and more each time. Sometimes it was fine, sometimes I was just plain dead. Also, I learned another lesson. One day, somewhere after 3/5 of the training, I felt like stopping so I stopped. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it anymore, I just felt like stopping. I came home so well rested that I was pissed with myself. A training is not something you’re well rested after. And obviously, a training should only be stopped when it’s done, or when you feel you literally cannot move anymore. (But you always can.)

Last week I joined forces with a friend and a neighbor, and that was the best thing I could have done, because he’s more experienced than me and runs more. I hit my first 5k with him (!!!!!!!!!! *squeals with excitement*) and I probably wouldn’t have done it had I run alone. Especially because the day before I hit 4.7, and before that only 3.6. You kind of don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of someone better, so you just shut up and continue. (Disclaimer: I didn’t really shut up. I whined about how hard it was and occasionally threatened with murder. But the next day I did shut up.)

In the meantime, another friend and I agreed to participate in the Belgrade Half-Marathon next year in April. It still seems soooo distant, and sounds so funny (me to run a half marathon??? LOL), and my parents are so sceptical it’s actually insulting. But I PROBABLY can do it. I mean, we’re talking a person who had troubles running for two minutes straight months ago and is now running FIVE KILOMETERS.

Declutter. I think this is more of a life mission than a year goal. I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF. I have too many clothes. (Am I officially the first woman to ever have said this?) I have too much of everything. But then again, I cannot really be a minimalist, because I don’t want to get rid of memories. Presents. Postcards. Souvenirs. And oh – damn them! – things that MAY JUST become useful one day. (If you’re on the same page, head over to Alyssa’s, she’s had some good thoughts about this.) Maybe this goal is easier when you move in to a place you know you’ll be staying in for years to come. I still don’t have this, and I won’t have it for some more time.

Save money. This was probably the most important decision, because not only it resulted in this extraordinary pile of money on my bank account (which is more than I had ever had in my life), but also taught me how to spend money in a way. I told you six months ago that I was bad with money. It meant I always spent it when I had it. I love nice things and nice experiences.

So when I started this no-shopping-clothes challenge back in January, I didn’t foresee it would turn into a shopping ban on all the unnecessary items. Talking about flower bouquets, candles, make-up, mugs, all things cute but not essential. Super strange, because basically I am all about cute but not essential. Correction: I was all about it. Secondly, I thought I would wait for stores to open on July 1st so I could make up for everything I’d been missing out in the six months. However, July 1st came and went, and nothing’s changed. OK, I did buy a leather tote in Serbia that resembled a Madewell tote I’d been eyeing for so long – this one was almost half as expensive so I’d say I scored it. I also did buy two perfumes in a duty free shop, but that’s because a) I need or will soon need one, b) I don’t fly so often anymore so I wanted to take advantage of this one shop, c) one of them was so discounted that it was really a no-brainer. And I did buy a nail polish I’ve been waiting July for. But even then, something’s changed. I’ve changed. For months I had these two shades written down, and yesterday, while trying to decide, I thought to myself: Why not just have both? I can afford it. And then a newborn voice said: You can, but you don’t really need both. If you really want the other one, you can buy it in August. Then I passed by Starbucks, and didn’t feel the slightest wish to enter. Now it’s just a fancy coffee that you deserve once a month, or so. 

And it’s awesome.

Little things. The majority of those I wrote down in January was done in April. The rest is, um, pretty much where it stood three months ago. And just this morning I cleaned Desktop and Downloads – seems like these guys require constant care. Anyway, apparently I’m saving Prezi and Evernote for the last quarter of the year, because there’s no way I’ll have time now.

Get up, do my stuff, make coffee and THEN look at my phone. I had a period again when I slept with the phone and checked it first thing in the morning, but it would always make me nervous afterwards because I wasn’t sticking with the habit I had developed, so now I’m back on track.

Write. Last time I was vague when I said I was “working on it”, but now you probably know I’m a regular author at Quirky Daily and Feather Magazine :). I also joined the staff of Plezir Magazine, a Serbian online lifestyle magazine, that just GOT ME A PRESS ACCREDITATION FOR THE MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK BERLIN!!!!!!!! Yeah, I’m just a tiny wee bit excited.

Blog-related resolutions
Post regularly. An unwanted and unplanned hiatus in June, but other than that, I’d say I’m good. I’ve published about 70% of what I’d published last year, so that can’t be bad.

Blog makeover. Yep, as I already stated in April. I still need to work A LOT around here, as I’m not happy with bunch of things. (That you probably don’t notice, but anyway, they bug me.) 

Pinterest. I started pinning… but I feel like only a full time blogger can actually use this network! When do you manage, the rest of you?!

Wear more lipstick. Nope, again :(

So, that was about it. I’m more than happy with how my running and saving resolutions are holding on, but I’m aware I still have to invest so much time and energy into the rest. An additional goal (do these even count?): go to the gym. In a few days I will be sharing more about my shopping ban, so if you’re interested in saving, make sure to stop by!

Love, Tihana

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