#MBFWB Day 2

Friday, July 10, 2015

Firstly: I wanted to write about each day in the following night, like I did for Day 1, but obviously, I thought too high of myself. Fashion Week is actually quite exhausting, so coming home every night I only wanted to sleep, just to wake up the next morning and having to leave soon because of the first show of the day. Plus my computer is so infected with I DON'T KNOW WHAT that basically disables me to do anything on the Internet. I spent two hours yesterday trying to fix it, and I thought I had, but now it's back again. I think I'm gonna scream. :( 

On day 2 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week I only had two shows to attend, so I decided to explore the other things connected to the Berlin Fashion Week, but not necessarily in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. Not really sure what I’m talking about? Don’t worry, me neither, but the thing is there is this official Mercedes-Benz website, where you can also find info on NY, Istanbul and Sydney Fashion Weeks, because Mercedes-Benz is their sponsor. On the other hand, there is a Berlin Fashion Week website that offers other events as well.

But before we move on to that, let me talk about the shows. The first one was by Anja Gockel, and it was a lovely, feminine collection that could easily be imagined on me, you or any of the women you know. The pieces emphasize the silhouette and are mostly in one or two colors, sometimes with a dash of floral. I loved the color palette - grey, white, light pink and orange. Wearable and beautiful!

And now for something completely different. The second show was by Sadak, a label by by the Serbian-born designer Saša Kovačević. He studied fashion design in Berlin, but also stage and costume design at the Academy of Art in Belgrade. I've done a little research and apparently, he's much bigger of a name here in Germany than in Serbia, which is a shame. The label has been presented in Paris and Tokyo since 2010, but his costumes and designs appeared in the movie Hunger Games 3. He has been nominated for various European fashion awards, and his designs have been published in a book featuring German fashion design from 1946 to 2012, as well as various magazines, like Italian Vogue, L’Officiel Homme Korea, NY Times... Saša is inspired by the traditional clothes from the Balkans, and his designs are an interesting mix of modern and traditional. What I saw was interesting, unusual and avant-garde. He was playing with the idea of menswear, because he showed culottes, long loose shirts, jackets that were only covering half of the torso; not to mention the colors. I loved, loved seeing a men's collection in baby blue and lilac (feat. prints). 

So, like I said, as I had time, I decided to pay a visit to the Hungarian Style exhibition held at the Hungarian Embassy, and also the exhibition held in cooperation with Microsoft, called IT Couture: Fashion and Technology Exhibition. I enjoyed both, because a) when would I have an opportunity to find more about Hungarian fashion scene, and b) the mix of fashion and technology is so creative and so much fun!

Hungarian designers were really interesting, my favorites were the Alma Abonyi handbags, both works of fine art and accessories! Other designers were:

Aarion Clothing

Alma Abonyi bags & Provo-CUT

Kata Szegedi

Anna Amelie 

As for the Microsoft exhibition, the things are maybe less wearable, but then again, many collections on the runways are as well, but we praise the designers' creativity. Smart wearables, sensors, virtual shopping assistants, 3D-outfits, LED-design... I loved glowing pieces of clothes - Esther Zahn makes clothes with LED lights in it that glow so gently, and MOON Berlin makes clothes that dazzle! Also, I was totally impressed by Kontor.Apart 3D printed dresses and jewellery. I've seen 3D printing and held 3D printed things in my hand, but a dress, wow, that's something!

Ester Zahn


MOON Berlin

What do you like best?

Love, Tihana

Photography: Mercedes-Benz Fashion & me

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