#MBFW Berlin: Day 1 (And a Few Other Words)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

{If you're interested only in the IVANMAN and VEKTOR shows, please scroll down, as I'll be sharing some personal insight into the whole me-at-the-Fashion-Week story that you might not be interested in. :) }

Step outside of the comfort zone, they said.
Take a leap of faith, they said.

So I did. I applied for a press accreditation for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin (which is a long name, so I'll keep referring to it as #MBFWB). 
First of all, I didn't want to apply at all. I just shared something about not standing a single chance on Twitter, and then a lovely lady that shares my love for fashion encouraged me to at least try. 

Why I thought I didn't stand a chance? Well, firstly, I'm not {really} a journalist. OK, I've been writing a lot lately, I've been doing some research and putting the results into pieces of writing. But I'm doing it because I enjoy it, and I do it in my free time. Also, I don't get a penny for it. So could I qualify as a journalist? Not sure. Secondly, I'm not a fashion blogger. I blog about this and that, but rarely I mention fashion. Even though I enjoy reading about it and following others who are fashion bloggers. (Ask my friends, they'll tell you.)

But one of the magazines I write for writes about fashion, and actually it's the first word in their bio. So I took that opportunity. I applied as a journalist for Plezir Magazin, an online magazine about fashion, ecology, design, culture and lifestyle.

Two days later, a sparkly word illuminated my Inbox: "Congratulations!" Fast forward to yesterday, I had a press accreditation with MY NAME on it (! ! ! !). {And also a photo, an unfortunate selfie, so let's skip that, 'kay?? }

And not only that. As an accredited (!!!) journalist (!!!), I got a goodie bag (!!!), that's probably quite common in this world of fashion weeks, but I'm apparently very new to it so I was more than happy to have received a beautiful notebook, an Essie nail polish, a Maybelline mascara and a nail polish, an external phone charger, a fan (so useful in this heat wave), L'oreal hair spray, Jules Mumm Plus sparkling wine {honestly, I'm not even sure it's sparkling wine, but it looks great... it's still in my fridge:) }, a bottle of water and a Coke Zero. Thank you sponsors!! I'm especially happy about the Essie polish and the external charger. Love!

Anyway, I spent yesterday evening sipping wine (also got a wine glass from Jules Mumm Plus so I just had to put it in use) and writing emails to PRs of the designers and asking for invitations for the shows. I'm quite happy with the outcome, because Day 3 and 4 will be especially fruitful, tomorrow not so much and as for today... well I got two invitations. But hey, I'm a newbie, right? Two is great.

So, how is everything?


I love the atmosphere, I love the beautiful people, I love the free wine. And free ice-cream. (One would have thought they only served low-calorie munchies at a fashion week, if any.) And the show. 

What I don't love: the fact that I'm all alone while everyone else is in groups. I know in theory this is a perfect place for networking, but how do I approach anyone? What do I say?? 
What I don't love #2: the fact that I'm the only one not having a DSLR. Not that I need one, but, you know, I would like to take a photo of, I don't know, the lobby (is it too silly of me?!), and my phone just isn't good enough. Would I look silly if I took out a small pink camera of mine? AM I BEING SUPERFICIAL??
What I don't love #3: the fact that there are more people filming the shows with their phones, than actually watching them. I watch. And I don't breathe. Photos are available online anyway.

So, as promised in the beginning: #MBFWB Day 1. (Also in the title, yeah.)

Berlin Fashion Week is not a member of the big four, and it's not about the big names in the industry, but young, creative designers. Fresh faces. New names. New ideas! And even though what they present here won't necessarily become the big hit in the next season, it's still nice to already think about the Spring/Summer 2016. #so_progressive

The first show I saw today was by IVANMAN, a Berlin-based menswear label by the Serbian designer Ivan Mandžukić. The presented collection has its basis in strict grey and black suits - but hey, take a look at the photos, it's not nearly as plain as it sounds! 'Grey and black suits' sound boring, but that's why IVANMAN played with bright colors, adding them to step up the game. Wonderful!

The other show was by VEKTOR, a Berlin-based label for womenswear, menswear and unisex styles. The label was founded by the Croatian/German duo Kristina Puljan and Martin Eichler {graduates of ESMOD Berlin}, and it's presented at #MBFWB since July 2014. VEKTOR is inspired by the urban everyday life, streetstyle and subcultures. The designers are said to like crossing the line of gender, which was totally apparent at the show - talking man in a dress long shirt! (I loved it, btw.) What they have in store for the SS 2016 is a lot of white and nude, simple, geometric cuts, and layers, often the top one being also the transparent one. Pieces are loose or oversized, made of neoprene, 3D-Mesh or denim, and details they focus on are mostly the pockets. The loose pieces look almost as if they invite the summer breeze. Bring it on!
Also, they look plain cool.

How do you like the collections? I'd love to hear you thoughts!

Off to sleep. Tomorrow is another #MBFWB day! :)

Love, Tihana

Photography: Mercedes-Benz Fashion
Featuring photo: IVANMAN // VEKTOR

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