Weekend Reads #28

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hello there! 
Are you melting? Because I am. It's 37° C here in Germany (arrived yesterday) - it's 98.6° F and it's the worst. My room is on the west side of the building and I have no blinds or anything, plus days are so long at the moment that the afternoons are unbearable. No AC, of course! Funnily enough, this is probably as summery as it gets, because on Monday the temperature will drop 10° and then there will be one 30° day until the end of August. Sounds like a perfect reason to go to the lake today or tomorrow, right? ANYTHING that will get me out of this room.

How's your weekend? Here are the links for you to enjoy it a bit more ;)


Act any age - a lovely and inspiring video!

Beautiful people working in a beautiful environment. (What's probably a beautiful job.)

Are we losing the ability to be in love?

Google Sheep View. Yeah, you read correctly.

The rise and fall of Couchsurfing. (I also urge you to check out the whole website, it's full of interesting stuff travel-related.)

This is so useful: hand luggage guide through major airlines!

Great tips on how to add your personality to a rental.

A thorough checklist for long-term travel. If you're having any ideas about moving abroad or traveling for a year, this is a must-read.

Questions from my mixed-race son.

P.S. I've been writing actively lately, so here are some articles:

Also, for those of you who can read Serbian, you can check out my articles for Plezir magazin - the newest addition to my writing portfolio :)

Love, Tihana

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