Positano, Italy

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just before I had planned the itinerary of my Italian trip last year, I read that Margo from The Overseas Escape had thought Positano was the most beautiful place in Europe. It sure seemed cute, and as I was planning to start in Naples, I thought: why not? Let's check this out! However, I wasn't as bought as she was. The place is indeed colorful and interesting, but there was something about that, I cannot even explain it... nah, we didn't click. I didn't feel the feel, you know? Would I recommend a short getaway to Positano? Yeah, I think so, it's nice to spend an afternoon there, have a stroll, have a dinner (the waiters were just the nicest human beings!) and go back. I would probably never stay there for more days, because it's small and full of tourists, I figure I could get bored easily. But hey, if you're the type of gal (guy?) that doesn't mind small touristy places, go for it! Oh, and also: the bus ride along the Amalfi coast (I got on the bus in Sorrento) is just the best - when going toward Positano from the direction of Sorrento or Naples, make sure to grab a seat on the right side of the bus, because the views are uhhhhh-mazing! Here are some photos for you guys. I just wish I had had better weather, because as you will see, it was quite cloudy. 

Don't forget to tell me if you like this town and if you'd like to visit!



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