Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When you change countries and travel and fall in love with places so much and so deeply that you start considering them homes, being "back" does not have a straightforward meaning. So, here's a clarification: I'm back in Berlin!!!

I'm not sure if you are aware what this means to me, so let me just use an example as an explanation. The other day I went to meet my cousin and his friend who had arrived from Warsaw, where they are studying as exchange students at the moment. I wanted to work at a cafe so I arrived early, but after some months in a small town, it was easy to forget that a) Berlin is a big city b) Berlin is a tourist city c) Berlin has sights d) there's no way you can find a free spot in a cafe near one of the major sights. OK, guilty as charged! So I decided to take a walk around. Seeing so many people, hearing the buzz of the traffic and so many languages in like 10 minutes - made me feel as if my heart has stretched after a winter sleep, opened the window and breathed in the fresh air. 

In a nutshell, alive and happy. That's what I am now. In the words of Slim Shady (anyone remembers him??), feels so good to be back!

This is going to be a busy semester as I have to work on my thesis - it's something super interesting and I'm actually quite excited about it. Also, I'm excited about some other things I will do, but I will try my best to squeeze in those hours to just roam around, take photos, breathe in the city and explore new places - and tell you all about it on the blog. This lil' place of mine will again become a sort of Berlin guide, and I hope you like it.
(I also recommend following me on Instagram, if you haven't already, because sometime I don't have time to blog, but I always have time to snap photos of this amazing city and share all the awesome places. :))

Enjoy your day, wherever you are! 


P.S. Some people were wondering, and some even took it personally, so I will speak about it now and never again. First of all, you cannot love all the places you go. A place may be the most astonishing, but it's OK not to like it. (And 'the most astonishing' is definitely a subjective category, by the way!) I think the Netherlands is a great country, and if you work there, I'd say it offers really good work conditions. The architecture is beautiful, the people are nice. Why didn't I sing praises to the country? I just didn't feel it. We didn't click. I wasn't happy there. Maybe it was due to my constant moving, maybe I just got sick and tired of it. Maybe it was because of the room I lived in, which sucked but was very expensive. Maybe... who knows. I'm not trying to find the reason, and neither should anyone. You cannot like everything/everyone, and that's fine. So many things influence how you feel about something, and I always choose to focus on things that make me feel good. For example, Berlin. Thank you for doing the same and not questioning why I like one thing and don't like another.  

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