Weekend Reads #17

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Today one of my best friends is having a premiere of a play in my hometown theater. Worth mentioning: he’s not from my hometown. We met in high school. He was an amateur actor, I had wanted to become a journalist for years. In the year and a half of high school that we knew each other, we both changed our minds. He entered law school, and I became a student of general linguistics. A year later, though, he quit law school to try his luck in acting – and got accepted to the academy. Fast forward to today – he’s an actor (obviously), and me, well, I’m still in linguistics, but I’ve been toying around with journalism as well. More on that to come – I don’t want to reveal too much, but I’m super excited to be doing something that has at least minimum connection with journalism and writing. Crazy how life turns out sometimes, right?!

Btw, he's the one smoking in the photo. Which I find so hilarious, because he's the ultimate non-smoker and I'm pretty sure he has never lit a cigarette outside of a stage.

Anyway, as I'm in Germany, I will have to pass the tonight's premiere. But hopefully I'll be able to see the play sometime in April! What are your weekend plans?

Here are some links for your weekend.

This is such an addicting game! Coming from someone who's not really a game lover.

Beautiful bus stops all over the former Soviet Union.

This is what it looks like when men take paternal leave. (Spoiler alert: lovely and wonderful.)

VIP (very important piece): 10 words every girl should learn.

I'm off now to have brunch with Chaya, my dear Sri Lankan friend who's visiting from Groningen. It's so weird we don't live in the same place anymore! 

Have a great weekend y'all.

Love, Tihana

P.S. If you're a travel junkie (who's not, right), like this page for cool and interesting updates and news about all things travel. And, well, all things about this big beautiful planet.

P.P.S. Saša, break a leg :)

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