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Monday, March 23, 2015

Gemma Correll and Jillian Evelyn

My friends know that I'm the one in the circle who follows blogs. We even joke about it and I don't mind - as long as I'm free to get in front of my computer and find out what's new in the blogosphere. I don't really think they get what it is about following blogs that I like, and it's okay - I guess you do know since you're here, right?! Anyway, one of the categories I follow is fashion blogs - not my favorite, but there are some I don't miss, it's a mix of a habit and curiosity. Plus, I must admit that ever since I started blogging myself, I've realised how much effort people put in this and that it's not as easy at is seems - take some clothes, strike a pose, upload pictures, done! And if you're looking for inspiration, all you need to type in Google is "what I wore today" - voila, tons of hits! But there is one that is a bit different - it's a blog by the illustrator Gemma Correll, who chose not to take photos of everyday outfits, but to draw them. She created a flickr group where illustrators post their outfits. I'm sharing my favorites with you today!

Abbie & Kaiterpillar
Anne Panda & Eisenauer

Caroldraws & Laura Lee Mayes

Carolyn Alexander & Bill Main

Cecilia Hidayat & Hannah Bird

Laura Prismera & Toby Jackman

Tor Freeman & Gemma Contreras Carrasco

Also, take a look at other work by Gemma, it's easy to navigate through her webpage.

Have a great week everyone!


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