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Sunday, March 22, 2015

When you ask a successful blogger, or someone who is well traveled, what the best thing about what they do is, they'll almost always tell you this: people they've met on the way. Well, I'm not a successful blogger, nor someone who is paid to travel (I wish!!), but I am an international student. You'll see the connection in a sec. I have had this wonderful opportunity to live and study in three European countries, to attend lectures by amazing teachers, try different lifestyles and foods (let's not forget foodies, right?). But twenty years along the road, do you think I will remember what subjects I had in school? I don't think so. I will remember, though, people I met and stories they shared about their distant or not so distant homes.

Recently three of them surprised me with lovely gifts for no reason, so I wanted to share that with you. These things are very dear to me, because it's so nice and lovely to know that someone just thought of you in a random moment. 

When Varsha came back from the winter break she spent at home in India, she brought me this lovely colorful Indian scarf. The book is a collection of essays by one of my favorite writers, Miljenko Jergović, and it's a gift from Aida. Apparently, last year I complained about the lack of gifts for my birthday (I'm pretty sure I was joking though!), so months later she bought the book when she was back home in Sarajevo. She then took it to Finland and consequently to Germany, where we both live at the moment. How awesome is that?! And the third surprise awaited me in my mailbox. Hannah-May, who I've already mentioned on the blog (go check her DIY if you haven't!), saw these London-inspired bookmarks and decided to send them to me as I love to travel. 
How little it takes to make someone's day, right?! It's not the material property of the gifts, but just the idea of someone thinking of you. Definitely reminded me to do the same for others!

What was the last time you did something nice for someone else out of the blue?

Have a great end of the weekend, everyone!

Love, Tihana

P.S. On having the best friends in the world.

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