Rome Day 2 - Photo Diary

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh, it feels great to go through my photos from Rome. It's been quite a while now and my Italian trip has certainly become a great memory. But I still haven't shared everything I wanted with you guys, and Rome is among those things too! Who would've thought, I know, right, I was being so loud last year with all that 'Rome is the most beautiful city ever' praise. Well it is! And today I'm sharing the rest of my days there. On my second full day I went to Vatican (don't do that on Sundays, learn from my mistakes) and because the estimate wait for entering the Saint Peter's Cathedral was three hours, I skipped it. (It was really hot and there is no shade on the square where the line is formed, so I figured I better use three hours in Rome in another way). I wandered around, had a coffee, wrote postcards, most of which never reached their destination though... have no idea why. And admired the beauty. Yep, that's pretty much everything I did. Also, I included photos of the lovely Campo de' Fiori farmer's market that I visited the day before. It was screaming 'Italy' from every corner and I had wished I had been going home so I can buy bunch of pasta and spices for my family. Well, some other time! Because if anything's for sure, it is that I will be back in Rome. Rome, the love of my life.

P.S. This is the 100th post on the Wandering Polka Dot! Woohoo, right!

Isn't it juuust the loveliest?

Love, Tihana

P.S. In case you've missed - Rome in a Day & The Loveliest Rome Neighbourhood - Trastevere.


  1. Fenomenalno! Hoću opet, sa takvim vremenom...

  2. Jel daaa :) imala sam sreće što sam išla u septembru, leto, a nije neizdržljivo :) :*


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