To the Baltics

Monday, October 7, 2013

If you've read my last post, you probably noticed that I referred to Helsinki as only a part of my moving weekend. Well, yes - that was because on Sunday we went to Tallinn. :) It was completely out of the blue - the night before we were chatting and having tea at Dušica's, and then a friend of hers contacted her on Facebook, telling her that he had moved to Tallinn. And this is how the story went on:
Me: "I was thinking of visiting Tallinn when I move to Joensuu."
Dušica: "Would you like to do it tomorrow?"
Me: "Tomorrow?!"
Dušica: "Well, sure. It only takes two hours by the ferry and it's not at all that expensive."
Me: "Why not! Let's go!"
In no time the tickets for the ferry were purchased, and then a friend of mine contacted me on Facebook, saying: "You are in Helsinki? But so am I!" I haven't seen him for years. The next logical step was to ask him if he would join us on our Tallinn trip. He would. :) And that's how the three of us ended up in Tallinn on a cold September morning.

GETTING TO TALLINN from Helsinki: Easy as a pie! Ferries ride multiple times a day, it takes around two hours as already said so it's a great chance to explore another European capital on a day trip. 

We spent most of our time exploring the Old Town, which is really beautiful. And as it was really, REALLY cold, and it was Sunday, we were lucky that all the churches had services at the time - so we entered a few to keep warm. Their architecture was pretty, too. Fun fact: Dušica and I were the only women in Russian churches that didn't have their hair covered. (Although it might have been a good idea to put on a hat or something, it would have been warmer.)

Our one-day excursion ended in a Balkan restaurant near the harbor. It is run by a son of a Serbian emigrant to Latvia, who speaks Serbian and is excellent at Serbian cuisine. We had a wonderful lunch plus rakija - it felt like home! What was even better is the fact that Dušica's Finnish friend (the one thanks to whom we actually came up with the idea of going to Tallinn) and another friend of his loooved the food! So if you trust us and go to Tallinn by any chance, look for the restaurant called Admiral and say hello to the owner from me :)

Those of you who live in Belgrade will recognize the tram! :) Only the color differs. (The Belgrade trams are red)

It's important to keep warm in this part of the world.

Serbian money in a souvenir shop (the green bill on the left)

Tallinn view from the city walls

Serbian dishes on the menu // Estonian appetizer with salty fish and rakija // Proja, ajvar and meat.

Tallinn outside of the Old Town. That's why we stayed in it for too long.

The three of us

Quite a travelling I did that weekend. Next time I'll be showing you where I live now. It's time to settle down, at least for a bit. Which I will do right after this coming weekend - more on the destination soon. Much love!



  1. nama su ovde rekli da babuške jesu ruske, ali da ih ima svuda gde ima i Rusa, tako da su one sigurno Reginino maslo :p

    divne su fotografije!
    * iz Češke

    1. Požurila sam sa zaključkom... bili su pod Rusijom dugo. :) Grlim i ja svog češkog anonimusa :*


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