SPB, Day 2: A Little Bit of Culture

Friday, October 25, 2013

As this blog is all about sharing nice things, I'll kindly ask you to click here and listen as you watch the photos.

This is The Nutcracker, ballet by P.I. Tchaikovsky, which I saw on this second day in Saint Petersburg - also the very first ballet I have ever seen! When we booked the Saint Petersburg trip, it was announced there was a possibility to watch ballet show there. Well, one doesn't simply go to Russia and miss this, right? I'm so glad I did this - now I know I like ballet. :) 

Our second day on this trip was dedicated to museums and cathedrals. Our first stop was, of course, The State Hermitage Museum. It is one of the biggest and oldest museums of art and culture in the world. It was founded in 18th century by Catherine the Great, who was an art lover and wanted to have her own private collection of beautiful things. The museum nowadays has more than three million items, not all of which are presented to the public - but even if you wanted to take a look at all of those that are, and spent only a few second in front of every piece, it would take years to do it!

The museum now occupies six buildings, one of them being the former residence of Russian emperors - the Winter Palace. One of the buildings is the theatre - Hermitage Theatre - where we watched the ballet.

I usually don't take pictures in museums because you can find the information about the pieces online + the light wasn't actually doing me any favor, but I took some. And even though you may not see it here, the museum is simply breathtaking, I promise!

This is a clock! It still works :)
Mosaic made of tiny little pieces, it's barely visible that this is not a painting
Also mosaic!
Da Vinci's original piece - Madonna and Child
The Small Italian Skylight Room and a giant vase - mosaic one, it's not made of one piece!
El Greco's portret of poet Alonso Ercilla y Zuniga. This one was often portrayed in my Arts textbooks.
A mummy! Greetings to my friends archaeologists :)
Winter Palace and Alexander Column; Palace Square
Palace Square
St Isaac's Cathedral as viewed from Palace Square
Church on the Spilled Blood - as we were told, the only Russian-looking church in SPB :)
Bells in front of St Isaac's Cathedral
Preaching to a lamp
Astoria Hotel on a cloudy day
Colors! <3
St Nicholas Naval Cathedral
Wires: You can run, but you cannot hide...
Kazan Cathedral
On our way to see the ballet! SPB really has beautiful sunsets, doesn't it?
An extremely blurry picture of the Hermitage Theatre. I apologize, but this is unfortunately the only one I have.
You can still see that the theatre is lovely, can't you :)

I hope you are still listening to the ballet. :) Those of you who live in Belgrade have an opportunity to watch it live in December in Sava Centar! I guess tickets would be sold out soon, so make sure you don't miss this wonderful show!

Next week I'll post the third post from Saint Petersburg - that will be the last one. There will be more sun and bright blue skies than in this one. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy! :)


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  1. Divno, kakav grad, tu nema puno šta da se kaže, samo da se gleda i uživa :)

    1. Da mi je da prošetam njime u proleće... :)

  2. Divno, kakav grad, tu nema puno šta da se kaže, samo da se gleda i uživa :)


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