Helsinki, Finland: Moving to Another Country Can Be Fun!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I've never thought I would have said the thing from the title, but it can! Luckily for me, I didn't go from Berlin to Joensuu (my current home in Finland) directly, but had a layover in Helsinki at a friend's. As one of my fellow EMCL students said: "You have friends everywhere!" Yes I do, and I am most likely to write a post once on this wonderful science center in Serbia where I met most of them, and most of my bestest friends in the world!

The friend I stayed with is Dušica (I know this one's hard - Doo-shi-tsa!), BCMS language teacher at the University of Helsinki. If not sure what BCMS language is but want to know, click here. She has been living there for more than three years - and once again I had a local tour guide. Hooray!
See now what I meant by the title? And I didn't even show you my whole weekend yet.

Dušica and I say hello :)

Until the next post, hugs & kisses!

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