Berlin vol. 2

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The past week was a huge mess so that's why I'm running late. But when I say mess here, I mean it in a good way. :) We had an exam back in Potsdam, then there was my birthday, then I had to pack as this first month in Germany was over, and say goodbye to all my Berlin friends, then I had a super-duper weekend about which I'm yet to show & tell, and finally I moved to a completely empty room in Finland and had to buy furniture and other stuff - which I managed to do, and now I live in a really neat place.

Anyway, even though I posted photos from Potsdam tour last week, few days before that I had a chance to test my camera on a city tour in Berlin, guided by my friend Vladimir, also known as (or actually known as) Proka. I'm so sorry I didn't have any time to do Free Berlin Tour, and as I unfortunately hadn't met any of the locals, Proka decided to take the matter into his own hands. He has been living in Berlin for a year now so he knows pretty much everything a new girl in town should see.

He was an excellent tour guide! But I am still looking forward to seeing Berlin in a spring mode, with hopefully bright sunlight. Until then, here are the fall photos.

Potsdamer Platz - the business part of the city

Potsdamer Platz
Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

Pieces of the Wall

Checkpoint Charlie, crossing point between West and East Berlin

This is the place where the Nazi book burning took place in 1933, and everything considered un-German back then - such as Einstein, Freud, Marx and many, many others - was burnt. I haven't taken the photo of the memorial library, but it is a glass patch in the square and a room with empty book shelves underneath it. Those are the shelves for the burnt books.
Being creative
Jesus loves bondage - in front of the Berliner Dom. I mean, that's where the picture was taken.
Hackescher Markt railway station

Hackescher Markt square
Hackescher Markt and its numerous cafes

My highschool shoes :)

Berlin goes Bordeaux!

Berlin street art
And in the end, me and a beautiful message (No one is free until everyone is). I send it out to Belgrade and its recent events.

Talk to you soon and greetings from the cold Finland!


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