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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to apologize for not posting my Saint Petersburg adventures so far - I've been really busy, but I keep on struggling with numerous photos and I hope I will publish the post (or posts!) during the next week! 

Anyway, in the photo above you can see what happened since my last post. Yep. It's mid-October, and I'm not joking. Also: 
* I made my first proja (Serbian salty cake made of corn flour and cheese). I have no photos to prove it, but it was a success and soon enough I'll bake another one to show and tell :)

* I bought a winter hat, black one with a pompom. I haven't worn these things since my sixth grade, which means I've spent more than half of my life NOT wearing them. I hate how silly I look. Back then, when I was 12, I decided I was old enough not to wear them, because it's for kids. However, when in Finland, it's not something you choose to do... unfortunately. I do look silly, but at least my ears are safe(r) now.

* And yes, the reason for buying a winter hat is - the winter is here. It started snowing yesterday, it's been zero degrees for three days now and the weather forecasts say it is going to be -12 this weekend. During the night, though - so no plans for going out!

* One of my favorite bloggers started following me on Instagram and here. :)

* I booked the trip of the year!! I am super excited about it. Details in December :)

* And I am getting poorer and poorer.

But in general I feel really good. Only if it weren't for the snow... but hey, this is Finland. I have proper boots, so off I go. I. Can. Do. It!!

Enjoy your weekend. ;)

This is how I do it

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  1. Annas ... the best biscuits ...ever!

  2. I just stumbled upon them, and I looove them!


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