SPB, Day 3: The Home of Happiness

Monday, October 28, 2013

Have you seen previous posts about Saint Petersburg? On our first day we were feeling the excitement of a discovery, on the second one we wandered through museums and cathedrals. Our third and the last day in SPB was relaxed and really nice, because we didn't have any organized trips and we already knew the center so we could just enjoy it without any rush or fuss. Plus, we had a great weather, and I don't know if it's just me, or everyone seems to be happier when the sun shines?!

The Bronze Horseman - statue of Peter the Great
Me and my lovely classmates :)
St Isaac Cathedral

When exploring the town, you should always make little breaks and explore the cafés as well! At one point we just wanted to sit down, but by chance the very first café we found - Schastye or Счастьеwas also the loveliest one I have ever been to, with cute on-the-edge-of-kitsch interior and great service! It was very inspirational to play around with the camera :)

That would be me!

Motivational quotes everywhere! Seems to be a good place to start your day. :)

This is what we got when we ordered... everyone was so busy drawing (well, except me, I was taking
photos) that we almost forgot we were waiting for something!

Haha, so funny that a band was named after Nikola Tesla, Serbian inventor :)

And off we go! Goodbye Russia, hello Finland, again!
Docks of Saint Petersburg

I hope you enjoyed SPB at least a bit. I certainly did. Share, comment, like - spread the love :) XO, Tihana


  1. Kako je sladaaak taj kafe! :) I taj crtajući meni! :) Hehe, želja mi je da obiđem i Rusiju, naravno, da proživim ono što su moji roditelji - mojih godina, a imam čak i maminu šubaru! :D

    1. Šubara bi došla skroz zgodno, sad znam iz prve ruke, nije više mit :))

  2. Kafic je divan! Najlepsi detalji su mi ''spoji tackice'' i lampice sa andjeoskim krilima :)

    1. Eto, ako mi ne bude išlo u nauci, mogu ovakav da otvorim u Beogradu. Da mi budeš mušterija, hvala! :D


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