Three Months Later: Where I Am with my NY Resolutions

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This year was the first year ever I've published my New Year's resolutions. I did that as a reminder to myself, but mostly to not have an excuse to quit. So I thought it'd be interesting to see where I am now that we're three months into the New Year. (Already, I know!) I might do this every three months and check my progress. I invite you to do the same! 

Run. I promised myself to run as soon as I get back to the Netherlands from my Christmas break at home, which I didn't do. But but but don't judge me too soon! I actually did start Couch to 5k here in Germany and I'm in my fourth week now. I'm loving it! And hating it too. Running is hard! But being almost halfway there, I'm determined not to quit. Woohoo, right?! Now, the goal for the next three months is the following: if I do get to the end of Couch to 5k, not to take that as the end of my running practice. 

Declutter. Yep, I'm proud to say that the amount of things I use is minimal. On the other hand, I did say it would be easy with things I have with me abroad. The real job awaits back home and it will be a real challenge, but I'm happy to take it. Oh, and in case you noticed I didn't use the word "own" as in the amount of things I..., yes, that's right, I still have some stuff I want to get rid of. I've sold some already, but if the remaining things don't find a new owner, they will unfortunately go straight to the trash bin. Sorry, stuff. 

Save money. Yes, yes and yes! I've never been this proud of myself in my life. I visit my online bank account every now and then just to admire the numbers, and I feel so bad for not having saved earlier! However, I must admit that it's not all sunshine and rainbows. I have turned into a stingy person. Now I know this is for the higher goal, but I still LOVE fresh flowers, new nail polishes and magazines, I just choose not to have them. And sometimes this is really, really hard! I mean, are you aware just how much a bouquet can brighten a room?! I MISS THAT!

On a different note, my social life has not been very interesting lately, so I've also saved by not eating out and having drinks. But I did pay a ridiculous amount of money for some pans and pots, as the kitchen I use is totally empty. Also, do you know how expensive chia seeds are?! I can only hope they will really benefit my health and well-being, because otherwise it's just six lunches I could have eaten at the student cafeteria. (See, told you I was stingy.)

Little things. The majority of those I wrote down in January is done. But is it just me or your Desktop has to be cleaned at least once a month as well? Or more like once in two weeks.

Get up, do my stuff, make coffee and THEN look at my phone. Oh, yes. I keep my phone on my desk and have to get up to turn the alarm off. If I've had enough sleep (and I'm trying to), I just make my bed and continue with the morning routine. If I haven't... well, you know the deal, it involves dark forces making me go back to bed. But I'm really trying to minimize this behaviour. Oh, and I deleted Facebook, Messenger and Gmail from my phone, so it's really my computer where the most of the notifications are. I don't even want to mention how much I've increased the time I spend without the phone in my hands.

Write. Yes, I'd say I'm working on this resolution as well. I'm not working on something I was hoping to do, but hey, I've got 9 more months.

Post regularly. 11 posts in January, 7 in February, 9 in March. I'd say this is not a bad score, huh?

Blog makeover. I did this in January and I really love my new simple and elegant theme with little polka dots on the top. I'll be sticking to this one for a while :)

Pinterest. Nope. I'm embarrassed to even admit that I doubt I'd even opened my Pinterest account. Will work on this in the upcoming months.

Wear more lipstick. Nope, again. Now this I didn't do out of pure laziness. Or I just concentrate on the mascara part. Which can also be counted as laziness, as I'm lazy to bother with lipstick once I've put on mascara. Will try to stick to the resolution in the future.

How are your resolutions doing three months later? I think it's nice to reflect every once in a while, just to make sure you're on the right track - or if you're not, you can get back if you care. It's better this way than just realizing in December that you failed miserably.


  1. Seems like you're doing a really great job so far! And yes, running is hard! But it gets easier the more you do it :) nice work with all your progress so far, keep up the awesome work!

  2. Thank youuu, I'm trying :) As for running, apparently you're right - I was just thinking today that in the beginning I struggled with 90 seconds and felt I would never be able to run more. Now I struggle with 5 minutes, haha. But I CAN do it, and I AM DOING it. Such a good feeling! :)


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