Weekend Reads #18

Friday, April 3, 2015

I began 30 Days Yoga Challenge some time in January, but I stopped halfway. I'm now doing it again, and again I'm convinced that yoga is one of the best workouts there are! So no, it's not very energetic, but the stretching feels so nice, and I feel wonderful after every single class. Classes are quite short, by the way, so you can definitely incorporate them in your daily routine. The teacher is the wonderful Erin Motz, she's so amazing and probably one of the reasons I feel so good doing this. I'll be done soon and I'm already eyeing some other yoga courses taught by her. So apart from the regular Friday link love, I'm recommending Yoga Challenge to literally everyone - and especially to you if you think yoga is boring. Just try it, and, well, if you still think it's boring, you're completely wicked :)

I'd hire this guy.

Celebrate spring by amazing views of flowers.

Two on Instagram: a chef who makes junk food look like fine dining, & sexist censorship.

Coachella bans selfie sticks. (As if anyone should allow that nonsense, anyway...)

What people around the Earth eat for Easter. (Spoiler alert: I have never eaten or even heard of the cake they mention that is eaten in Serbia. So I don't know how reliable this is...)

Speaking of, if you celebrate Easter this Sunday, I wish you a very pleasant weekend filled with good time with your family and foodies!

Love, Tihana


  1. Oh, actually they eat "kulich" in Russia.... I believe it should be typical for the Orthodox tradition. Probably, it is just called differently in Serbia!

  2. No, sorry, it definitely doesn't exist :)

  3. You live in wrong Serbia ;). Wikipedia disagrees with you as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kulich

  4. Yeah, as if I don't get a say in this.


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