Weekend Reads #129

Sunday, March 28, 2021


Happy Spring! I spent the entire day outside yesterday, hence publishing weekend reads on a Sunday. And if there weren't for the Daylight Saving, it would have been only half past noon, so bear with me :) Hope everyone's well, healthy, and in the mood for making the best out of the season—minus the allergies. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

“Eighty-five percent of artists in major American art museum collections are white, and then 1.2 percent of them are Black.” This is the story about them: Black Art: In the Absence of Light, a documentary film available on HBO.

I tracked down the girls who bullied me as a kid. Here’s what they had to say.” Oh, wow. I talked about this a lot in therapy but I guess it never goes away, does it? This was one woman’s way to deal with the past, and as she says, it’s not for everyone, but it gave her comfort and healing.

Smash the wellness industry. Excellent and important read!

Do you take yourself out on dates? Obviously, dates nowadays aren't quite what they used to be, but hey, a walk and a takeaway coffee sound nice.

Advice my parents gave me vs advice I will give my kids. Haha! 

Aaaah this is just too good! 

100 tips for a better life, no less. 

See you soon.



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