Weekend Reads #127

Sunday, March 14, 2021


Ohh, it's Sunday already! (hence the clocks; I thought an image of the White Rabbit would be a bit cheesy.) Yet, I told myself I wouldn't miss any of the weekends in March, so here I am. Without further ado, because you only have half a day until we turn to yet another manic Monday, please find the Weekend Reads below and enjoy! Oh and yes, not a part of the standard reads BUT if you visit www.kinochronics.org until midnight today (CET), you get to enjoy some movies on human rights—documentaries and feature films—as the Kino Chronics online festival is taking place at the moment. There you go—films and articles curated by Yours Truly, you only need to find something to nibble on. Have a great rest of the day, see you soon!

Spot the flaws in politicians’ arguments!

I really like this house and want to spend a weekend there. They don’t even mention the price anywhere on the website, so imagine how much it must be! 

Why success won’t make you happy

I have been reading Cup of Jo for yeeeaaars and to me, Joanna Goddard is a kind of a celebrity. I loved reading annotated emails she and her husband sent to each other before the first date

I thoroughly enjoyed this essay on Turkish baths and the memory of those in the pandemic times. 

This was probably my first time hearing the Quechua language

I’m a short afternoon walk and you’re putting way too much pressure on me.” Hahaha, this is so fun. And so… not fun in a way? Oh, the lives we’ve been leading this past year.

String quartet performs Billie Eilish’s bad guy. Love it!

Listen to a random forest. If you ask me, they’re all beautiful.

This is about that thing you don't want to talk about but think about all the time.

I love love love this, literally.

Enjoy the Sunday!



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