Top 10 Things You Need to Figure Out When Moving

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In case your plans for this year involve moving to another city or even country, congrats! I've moved cities and/or countries six times in the past three years (actually, it's even less than three years!) and it's so stressful, but on the other hand so rewarding because - yay, new adventures! But before you get all out and about making the time of your life (no, that's not really how it goes in reality, but sounds nice!), you should sort loads of things out. My friend Ivan, who moved to Denmark from Serbia last year, published this post on his blog and I loved it so much that I asked it if I could feature it on my own blog. Obviously, I can :) - thank you Ivan! I'm much more about the whole 'new life' craze so I'd never think of writing this, but it's a great guide and good to have in mind. Here's what Ivan suggests you put on your to-do list as soon as you arrive to your new home.

Moving to another city is always a stressful thing. Stress can make us forget even the essential necessities that we need to settle down. Here’s a useful to-do list for all the newcomers:

Get your local ID and tax number

Getting or updating your documents is something to be made a top priority, as this can prevent you from doing many things on this list, such as opening a bank account or access the local healthcare.

Choose your doctor/dentist

Secure your health first. In countries where the public healthcare is available, you need to pick a personal doctor to whom you will be going first when something’s wrong with your health. Ask your colleagues at work to recommend a good dentist who wouldn’t rip you off.

Pick a bank

This is so much fun for some people, like myself. I love comparing conditions and benefits that banks are offering, but it is also of great importance. Check if the bank is offering all the services that you need, and what are their conditions on transferring the money back to your home country. Believe me, you want to do your research before you sign a bunch of papers without reading the “fine print”. Nobody wants to go through all that administration twice.

Find the best ways to commute

Ask around what are the common ways that people commute in your new city. What is the availability of the public transportation? In some cities bicycles and taxies are more popular than dated trams or busses that are circulating around. Use the Internet routing tools such as Google Maps to find the best way to get to work, gym or your favorite green market.

Pick your favorite grocery store

We are spending a too big chunk of our lifetime shopping for groceries to waste it in some dump hole that looks like warehouse. Surely, from time to time it is worth going to these places to get a good deal on some products, but you want to be enjoying your shopping at a nice place. Try it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Get the new clothing and furniture

Moving to a new place is an excellent excuse to get rid of the clothes and the furniture that you always secretly hated. If your new city has IKEA or H&M, that’s great, but try to find out where locals are buying their clothes and furniture. Buying at those stores will make you immerse yourself in the local way of life.

Choose a hairdresser

Everyone needs a hairdresser. Ok, almost everyone. There are still the ones and twos of people whose hair trimmer skills are good enough for a self-haircut. But everyone else needs a professional to do it. Since the prices of their services can vary significantly, investigate before you are sorry.

Involve in learning the local language

Going to these classes is a good way to meet other expats and expand your circle of friends. Plus, it makes your everyday life much easier. In case that you already know the local language, I suggest you involve in learning a new language or a craft, or join a cause or a club, (e.g. a drama club, pet rescue centre).

Ask people about the cheaper ways to get stuff

Flea markets, thrift stores, used bicycle auctions, local bidding websites can save you some money that you can use for a daytrip around the city or going to that amusement park that everyone is talking about.

And don’t forget to find your asylum

Find a special place where you can get yourself on a date time-to-time. It can be a restaurant, a café, a park or just a bench in your neighborhood. But having that one spot that you love is really important to have, wherever in the world you are.

Anything else you would add? 

Have a great rest of the day peeps! Tihana

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