2016 - Another Round of New Year's Resolutions

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello guys, and Happy New Year to you!!! I hope you had a good time wherever you were and whatever you were doing. I also hope you had a reasonable amount of alcohol and that the 1st of January is treating you right. ;) I hope you're evaluating your 2015. and drawing good conclusions from it, knowing how to make 2016. better in every regard. What are your plans and wishes for the year? Will you just go with the flow or are you more on the freaky side like me, with tons of plans? You might remember that I shared my goals for 2015 with you a year ago, and I was also tracking my progress every three months here on the blog. (Yep, I still owe an overall post on how I did in 2015!) I plan to do something similar again, because even though I didn't manage to have a perfect score, keeping my goals and plans public has helped me work on them. 

So what do I want from 2016?

Honestly, A LOT. I have a feeling this might be the greatest year of my life if I make it so. And I do want to. I want to move back to Belgrade, Serbia; I want to get a job in a newspaper; I want to travel, the latter being almost impossible because I probably won't be getting paychecks good enough. I want to grow. I want to grow this li'l online place of mine. I want so much and I want to work hard in order to achieve it. 

But if we concentrate on the things I know I can get by myself without the help of the Universe :) this is what I plan to do.

Write. This was a goal of mine last year too and I think I've had around 40 published articles so far. For somebody who had just decided to pursue a journalism path, I think this is a great score!! I also want to dive deep into fiction, as I have this one thing on my mind for a year or even more, but I never have the time. I know I just need a week and I will probably forget to eat or sleep and won't finish until I, well, finish it, but I never have the time. I need to make it. As for the online magazines I'm writing for so far, I want to continue as long as I grow, as well as find a way to sneak into an offline publication. I know, I know, the future is online, but I feel I lack the experience of working as a newspaper staff and I want to get it this year. It's about time. :) 

Blog regularly. What can I say? I'd planned this for 2015. too and I wasn't that successful. I started off well but the second half of the year was a downhill ride - in every sense possible. (I'll also write about that at some point.) But I will be more serious this year. Pinky promise!

Work out. Last year I wanted to run and I achieved 5km which was my personal best because it had never happened before. Then I stopped. It was the stupidest thing I could have ever done. I wanted to run a half marathon in Belgrade this year but it's too late to get ready for it as it's in April and, well, I'm a couch potato again. Maybe somewhere else?? I also started going to the gym at some point and loooved it the way I had never loved a physical activity, so if you asked me why I stopped going, I really wouldn't have a good answer. I'm definitely going back to the gym! I also want to devote some of my time to yoga, as it's a great way to rewind and I always feel so good afterwards. So, yeah, three things I want to do this year: gym, running, yoga. And I'm not making excuses.

Read. I devoured books when I was younger. Now I don't have time - or I don't make time for it. My goal for 2016. is having read 24 books, which means two books a month. I think I can definitely make time for that. My Kindle is full of books, plus I have so many recommendations from friends. Really looking forward to making this resolution happen!

Read Lord of the Rings trilogy & watch the movies. This had to be an additional item. I'm not sure whether the three books should be among the 24 ones, but even if so, I really want to finally read these. I tried once when I was ten or so and I found the first book so boring, but it's a worldwide hype so there has to be something about it! I've also never seen the movies because I think books should always be read first. So let's see!

Watch 52 movies (at least!). I'm a great movie lover and there are so many movies I want to see, but I always find something more important to do. (Scrolling aimlessly on social media, ummm, noooo, no way!) I think I have around 150 movies on my "to see before I turn 30" list so watching at least one movie per week this year is a must. By the way, I'll be turning 28 this year and that's just crazy. I think I have a Benjamin Button syndrome. People at home who hadn't seen me for a year have been telling me lately that I look younger than a year ago. 

Drink enough water. I usually drink two liters a day, but then I just stop out of the blue and then it's hard to go back. I want to pay attention to this and stay hydrated. Yay me!

Stay away from the phone before & after bed. Again one of those stupid cases where I managed to develop a good habit but went back to the dark side. I think it was six months or so that I didn't check my phone the moment I open my eyes, but then I started doing it again. I didn't fall asleep with my phone yesterday evening, so I might be on track! :) 

Little things & big things. Learn to apply eyeliner. Make a DIY tote bag and a DIY coffee mug. (Not really make them but apply some funny quotes because they're fun and because it's a hell lot cheaper than buying on Etsy.) Visit all the main museums in Berlin. Dig deep into Evernote and Prezi - this is actually from last year! Continue with the money saving practice as much as I can - I am unfortunately aware I won't be as successful as last year because my income is much smaller now... for now. 

I think it's all quite achievable and down-to-Earth. Do you agree??

What are your goals this time? If you speak (or at least read ;)) Serbian, I'd recommend this article of mine (*bragbrag*) in Plezir Magazine, where I shared tips & tricks on how to really, but really stick to your New Year's resolutions. Good luck!

Love, in 2016 and beyond,


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