Weekend Reads #40

Friday, January 29, 2016

OK, I get it, I promised something last week and then just succumbed to my laziness. I hope things will change soon or I'm doomed. I've written so many articles lately on how to be productive in January but cannot seem to listen to my own advice, which sucks because, well, why would anyone else then?! But for starters, I made a bet with a friend to get up at 7 every day in February. He says it's highly unlikely, I think his opinion is crazy and I'm sure I'll win the bet, so let's see. Whoever loses has to do a thing the other tells him (or her!) to do, and I honestly have no idea what he's capable of, so I better win! I'm sure it would be something extremely embarrassing so I better not find out. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :) And here's your serving of this weekend's links from around the web. 

How to get rid of a headache in two minutes. I actually tried this in London but I was tipsy at the same time and overwhelmed with positive feelings (as always in London because, well, it's the best city in the world) so cannot tell you if it worked or not. Let me know!

This is six months old but still cuteness overload.

A girl on Twitter posted this and I couldn't stop listening to it for at least half an hour.

You know really good everyday love stories that are everything but cheesy? This is one of them.

You've probably heard about this, but I cannot help but share: Norway is giving a mountain to Finland. This is probably the cutest thing ever. When I was riding a bus to the far north of Norway two years ago, it became so obvious we entered it, because Finland was FLAT all the time and Norway had real mountains. They're the best.

More on Norway: their secret to enjoying a long winter.

How to cure a hangover, if you happen to need to.

Hope you have a great weekend, friends!


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