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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You remember when you were a teenager and were desperately waiting for a text message from that special someone, but it never came? Your phone was in your sight all the time. You even took it to the bathroom, but nope, no message. And let me just remind you that back then we didn't have social media and there was no way of telling if they saw our last message, let alone when they were last online! So you eventually gave up and lost hope.

Only to once forget about your phone for like half an hour, and when you then grabbed it afterwards, there it was: the desired text. Crazy, huh?! Well, something like that just happened to me. Didn't include someone I dream of, though. :)

Nope, I actually got an email on a matter that I completely forgot about, because it took it suuuch a long time. (They even apologized for the delay.) More than half a year ago, I saw there was a student essay contest organized by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Serbia. It was called "What I know about Azerbaijan" and the prize was a trip to its capital, Baku. I like trips! I like free stuff! I'm in!

The fact that I knew very little about Azerbaijan didn't stop me. We have internetz right?! It took me some mindful reading, and the country actually sounds like a pretty cool place. After I wrote the final sentence in my essay and hit "send", I made a mental note that I should include it into my bucket list anyway. Then, as you have probably guessed by now, I forgot all about it because MONTHS have passed and I never heard anything.

So yes, now you get it, the email actually stated I was one of the winners of the contest! :insert_happy_dance: I'm so happy and excited. I'm actually going to Azerbaijan! Woo! What a wonderful thing - at least one good thing to happen when you're still a student at a ripe age! 

Take home message? Nice things happen. There are TONS of contests, competitions and other stuff that enable you to win great experiences, and it'd be a waste not to try your luck. I knew nothing about the topic of this competition; I took it as a challenge, learned and won. 

Wandering Polka Dot is about to conquer Azerbaijan! Yaaay! (And as always, I'm promising a lot of content from there. For all of us who had or have no idea about Azerbaijan ;))

So if you're a travel lover yourself, and you probably are, or otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, I have a 10 minute task for you today. Go find an opportunity for yourself. This is a good starting point.

Have a great rest of the week friends!

Love, Tihana

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