Weekend Reads #36

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hi guys, apologies for the late weekend post! One of my best friends came to town and I spent a day with her as I haven't seen her... since April, actually. We shared a flat back in Belgrade and I have great memories from back then. As always, I had a great time with her because I love love love her very much and I actually miss seeing her every day! Having my coffee made by her every morning before she sets off to work was another perk too. Other than that, my week was a mess. I interviewed a Berlin based fashion blogger for Plezir magazin, had a blast with her, she was so incredibly sweet, and then on the same day my phone died. Like, just froze and didn't react to anything. It had never happened to me before - my older phones would normally become a bit slow and wouldn't work as smooth as before, but I always had enough time to transfer all the photos, text messages (yes I'm a sucker who saves all the messages dear to my heart), contacts... Now it wasn't the case. It's all forever lost. I had more than 20 notes in my phones and I know they were important because I would delete one as soon as it became irrelevant. I can now remember only half of them. What if I actually miss something important because I had it written down in my old phone? Guess we cannot rely on technology all that much, after all.

Anyway, here are the links for your Sunday afternoon. Or Monday morning. Suit yourself ;)

Psychological tricks everyone should know. (I'm waiting for the right opportunity to test the laughter one - I've been told it really works!)

If it's possible to fall in love with art, then I'm head over heels with this.

VIR (Very Important Read): Should you work for free?

These guys must have had so much fun at work.

Tis is Finland Män. I laughed my heart out! By the way, two years ago I lived in Finland, and you may check out my posts from there clicking here :) and yes, I did see the northern lights :)

Until next week - have fun!


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