Nine Months Later: Where I Am with My NY Resolutions

Monday, October 26, 2015

Beginning of October was the time to check in and see how I was doing with my New Year’s resolutions. I totally forgot, though. And then when I became aware of that, well, I kinda put it off because there was not much I can brag about. These past three months were the worst this year. Although I did manage to travel to London – that was the good part. :) But speaking of resolutions, I did bad. I was in a very bad place overall, and I’m not ready to share that yet, but one day I might, just to tell everyone who’s feeling similar – it’s OK.

So, here’s how it went. Check in is a check in, even when there’s nothing special to be said...

Run. I did well in March in April, then in June I did amazing, and I told you how I ran for 5 kilometers straight and how great it felt!! And then I never repeated it. What?! I know, I know! I suck! One morning, after an enormous break, I went out and managed to do 3k in one go. Two days later, it was only 1.6. And, ummm, that would be it. Funny enough, I still keep convincing myself I’ll participate in the Belgrade half marathon in April next year. Again, what?!? But…

If we’re talking about workout, I joined the gym this month. For the first time ever. I pretty much felt like Alice in Wonderland when I entered it. Like, what are all these things for?! Then they explained everything to me. Then they made me a training plan. Then I did it, and then came back two days later, and again, and again, trying to lift some more weight every time. It even crossed my mind to go there and run on a treadmill on the days when I’m not training with weights, but I don’t want to do it in the very beginning because I don’t want to overdo it. So far I like it – no, I love it! – and I want to keep this feeling for as long as possible. 

Declutter. This is a work in progress. At least I’ve kicked the habit of buying stuff, stuff and more stuff. In fact, this year I only bought a leather tote bag (mentioned it last time), two perfumes in a duty free shop (score!), a trench coat, Adidas trainers (the ones I’ve been looking for everywhere since January!!) and a pair of Ugg boots. The winter is coming, yo! Oh, and three shades of nail polish, but trust me, they were all a necessity, plus three shades in nine months is a really good score for me. And a book. (There is a great bookshop chain in London with crazy prices. I got myself 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Physics, because I know almost nothing but want to, and because it cost less than a very cheap meal in London.) And a magazine, but it goes out as soon as I read it. That’s all, your honor. And I just remembered: I got a goodie bag at the Berlin Fashion Week, full of beauty items! But those are all consumer goods, and those I don’t use myself – I gave away.

P.S. I just realized – I didn’t buy one single piece of jewelry this year. This might not seem like much, but I’m so proud of myself. Before 2015, I would just randomly enter any accessories shop and always, always find something to buy. I mean, I would probably find something right now too. That’s why I don’t go there. ;) 

Save money. Back in January I wrote: “I’m terrible with money.” As you might know, that’s why I banned myself from shopping for six months. Result? Well, I did save. And I like to think I’m not that terrible anymore. :) I’m not spending as much as before on random things that I happen to like.
P.S. Last time I wrote about how I wanted to buy two similar nail polishes, but then told myself You can, but you don’t really need both. If you really want the other one, you can buy it in August. Turned out, I didn’t! 

Little things. As I noted last time, Downloads and Desktop require constant cleaning, but at least I’m doing it on a regular basis. I still should learn how to use Evernote and Prezi, and I need to update my iPod – again. I just keep skipping songs because I don’t like almost anything that’s there right now. 

Get up, do my stuff, make coffee and THEN look at my phone. Now this is maybe worse than my running progress, because after I’d successfully kick the habit of sleeping with my phone and looking at it first thing in the morning, I started doing this again!!! And I’m so mad, but so far cannot help it, even though I want to. I found a job that more or less requires me to be constantly available on email, so I downloaded the app again and the first thing I do when I open my eyes is check whether I have any new emails. This cannot be normal, right? I mean, nobody can demand constant availability? What do you think? 

Write. Yep yep yep!!! Possibly more than ever. Though I keep waiting for the time to work on something I started, huh, maybe a year ago? I know once I open that document I’ll probably end up writing days and nights making breaks just to pour some more coffee, and that’s why I keep postponing that. But I’m also excited about it. 

Blog-related resolutions
Post regularly. Nah… could’ve done much, much better. 
Pinterest. I don’t think I even opened my account once since I last wrote the check-in post. Pinterest is sadly waiting for some better times. (But you can follow me if you want, because I really plan to devote to this at some point :))

The overall feeling of lagging behind EVERYTHING for the past few months can be seen in my resolutions as well. Blah. But hey, two months till the end - I've still got time ;)

What about you? Have you even forgotten about your resolutions, or are you better than me at sticking to them? :) I'd love to hear! (And I'd love to hear you're actually better.)


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