Flirting with Minimalism

Monday, October 19, 2015

If I find an interesting challenge online, chances are I will try it out. We love challenges, don't we'?Though it tells nothing about how far I will come. Plank challenge, half way through. Abs challenge, not even that far. 30-day yoga challenge, well, eventually I finished it! Only because it took a lot more than 30 days, though. But all this shouldn't mean I (and you!) shouldn't even try because I know (OK - I suppose! Some positivity here...) I won't be as successful as I should be. So I found another one, ages ago! I loved it and bookmarked it right away. But I wasn't ready to take it until now.

If you'd like your surroundings and daily life to be with more purpose, and if the thought of being more present appeals to you, you might want to join me. Read on! 

I'm talking about the Minimalism Challenge from the blog Into Mind. I really like it, all of it, and I think it's a great opportunity to slow down and try out a more mindful living - day by day. Paying attention to what I do every day and what I devote my (precious!) time to. Making more and consuming less. Not having feelings towards stuff. Be energized, yet calm. Yadda, yadda, yadda. 

So what's been stopping me so far? 

It's day one. As you might see, the challenge on the first day is "Stay offline for one day". Now, this doesn't sound impossible. But it's not even that I cannot refrain myself from Facebook for one day. It's mostly emails. Emails everywhere. My thesis, my writing gigs... and okay, I can manage not to post anything on Facebook, but I use Facebook messages every day. And Whatsapp. And Viber. Heck, I even use WeChat - that's a Chinese texting app! So how could I possibly stay offline for a day?

But I guess world won't stop if I don't talk to anyone online for a day. So I decided to just do my work for one day in advance and make my offline time. (Yep, I've got a job now - of sorts. It's nothing exciting so I'm not sharing too much, but it pays. And it doesn't even pay much, but you know, you gotta start somewhere.) 

Anyway, I'm starting the challenge on Wednesday! Who wants to join me? You can choose November 1st as your starting point, as any normal human would ;) 

I'll check in again at the end of November to share if I'd been successful. 

Love, Tihana

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